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2018-03-13 00:00:04

Japanese Designer Tomita Discussed Kimono Traditions March 13th

stilisto-nobuaki-tomita-atvira-paskaita-8587 March 13th, 2018, Japanese designer Nobuaki Tomita discussed the Kimono and presented a lecture to MRU students and the academic community.

Students, who were present, also had the opportunity to view a Kimono fashion show.

Tomita from the age of 27, created his own company, Kyokaori, and travels throughout the world presenting his created kimonos and discussing the way of the kimono.

He has visited China, Monaco, Italy, Germany, Malaysia as well as the U.S.  The designer has visited more than 60 universities throughout the world presenting lectures about Japan and its culture.

Designer Tomita's creations often grace the pages of magazines. One of them has selected Nobuaki Tomita as one of 4 of the best kimono creators in Japan.

Tomita was born in 1963 in Kyoto.

Photos: Vidūnas Gelumbauskas