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2019-06-28 00:00:01

Grads of Strategic Border Management Pgm Awarded Diplomas in Riga

651528916896946148053831618588696427102208n June 27th, 2019, joint Master's Degree diplomas were awarded in Riga to graduates who completed the Strategic Border Management programme.

State Border Guard Service Head Renatas Požėla and Public Security Academy Dean Prof. Saulius Greičius participated in the graduation ceremony along with academics from the programme module.

The programme was initiated by the EU agency Frontex, which noted that not one EU member country had a specialised Master's Degree programme for development of border guards skills.

It was decided to establish a consortium of European universities and begin the joint Master's programme. Mykolas Romeris University represents Lithuania in the consortium, which includes a total of 6 EU universities.

There is a strict application process. After applicants undergo a special admissions selection procedure, they can study in the programme which is designed for border guard officials from member EU countries with experience.
The programme prepares border guard officials that can work and understand the European context and are noted for competencies that allow to coordinate and respond to challenges to European Union (EU) external border safety. In addition, it allows them to exchange practical information and to learn from one another.