2019-11-25 00:00:01

Gold Medals for MRU-Rosk Consulting Chess Team

mru-1 Nov. 23-24th, 2019, the MRU-ROSK Consulting Chess Team won Lithuania's "Žaibas" and Fast Chess Tournaments in Panevėžys.

Having just returned from a successful European Club Cup Tournament in Montenegro (Nov. 9-17th), the team, which includes IM Tomas Laurušas, Andrius Brazdžionis, FM Tautvydas Vedrickas, Jovita Vedrickienė, placed first in both Lithuanian tournaments.

Coach and International Master Vaidas Sakalauskas is extremely happy with the results. He wanted to congratulate MRU student IM Laurušas, who reached two records, which are impossible to improve upon or possibly even to repeat. Laurušas during both championships had fantastic personal results having won 15 played rounds (and did not lose once and did not even end in a tie!) Secondly, Laurušas having won both titles will take up a special place in Lithuania's chess championship history. He personally won Lithuania's classic, Žaibas and Fast Chess championships and with the MRU-ROSK Consulting Team won in the classic Lithuanian Chess League and during the weekend won two more needed team titles.

MRU student and chess player Andrius Brazdžionis played well as well collecting 12 points from 15 rounds. MRU alum Tautvydas Vedrickas was 11/15.

Final Results:

Lithuania's Žaibas Chess Team Tournament:

1.Vilnius“ MRU-ROSK Consulting“ 12

2. Plungės „Bokštas“ 11

3 Panevėžio „ŠK-1“ 10 (19,5)

4.Kauno „Ežerėlio vaivorykštė (Rainbow) -1“ 10 (19)

There were 18 teams that participated

Lithuania's Fast Chess Team Tournament:

1.Vilnius“ MRU-ROSK Consulting“ 12 (30)

2.Kaunas” Gambiteriai 12(25)

3. Kaunas „Ežerėlio vaivorykštė -1“ 12(25)

4 . Plungės „Bokštas“ 11(23,5)

5. Kaunas „Margirio-1“ 11(23)

There were 23 teams that participated