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2020-02-05 00:00:14

Gambling Lecture: Entertainment or Problem - Feb. 26th

gambling Feb. 26th, 2020, 14:30-17:00 hrs., in MRU's C-414 aud., there will be a lecture held, Gambling: Just Entertainment or Problem, presented by psychologists and specialists from the Gaming Control Authority under the Finance Ministry of the Republic of Lithuania.

Psychologists Tatjana Veromej and Oleg Mackevič will participate. They are the coordinators of the project, "I Don't Want to Gamble" implemented since 2010.


    What is Gambling and How Does it Differ From Other Games;
    Addicted to Gambling;
    How to Recognize Problem Gambling;
    How to Help the Problematic Gambler and Loved Ones.
    Answers to Questions

All invited.