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2014-03-13 00:00:05

From Business to Grad School at MRU, Ukrainian Student Lauds Education System

olegasukra March 13th, 2014, Ukrainian businessman Oleg Slyusarchuk, now a student at Mykolas Romeris University (MRU), was interviewed by a reporter from the weekly, "Vilniaus Diena" about life in Ukraine, corruption and why he has sought refuge in Lithuania. The article is titled, "Ukrainian Envisions the Younger Generation Creating a New Ukraine."

Slyusarchuk, forced to flee Ukraine due to what he calls corruption, has decided to pursue Master's Degree studies in Economics at MRU.

The 53-year-old Ukrainian is not your typical student, but then nothing associated with Ukraine these days is typical or ordinary.

Having fled Ukraine in 2012 due to the corruption he details in the 2-page "Vilnius Diena" article, Slyusarchuk said Lithuania has been very hospitable - something for which he remains grateful.

However, he said he remains homesick for his country..

Because he did not have formal education in the subject, he decided to pursue studies in Economics at MRU.

"I was pleasantly surprised by the level of education in Lithuania - compared to Ukraine. One must see for oneself the highly responsible and educated lecturers and the Library's resources. I was always awed by professionals," he said in the interview.

"I would love for Ukraine to reach your level of preparation of the elite. Those, that study at universities, are your future elite - businessmen, government officials and others - those that will take over the countr's reigns in 10-15 years."

Slyusarchuk was also fascinated by the attention to details at MRU.

"Excuse me for saying so, but the cafeteria, the bathrooms are all in order. The Library and the lecturers are of the highest level," he said.

Having seen all this from inside "this system," I understand that you have "a future," he said.