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2018-02-01 00:00:02

Digital Saavy Kosovo Student Believes Everything is Possible

imgp7405 Newly-arrived MRU Erasmus+ student Blerjan Gashi from Kosovo, an Economics student, is spending his first semester abroad at MRU. 

Digital savvy, he is running a digital marketing and graphic design company from Pristina, while he studies at MRU. 

'It is the first time that I am out of my country," said the 20-year-old student from Pristina's Universum College

He finds the buildings unique, Vilnius beautiful and said his Erasmus semester is going "to be good." 

"It's 10 days here. People are all very good. (International Office manager) Inesa Cvetkova is very helpful. I really like this University," said Blerjan.

He said he thought about going to Germany for his Erasmus semester, but then an academic suggested Lithuania. "MRU looks like an innovative and creative university," he said. 

What did he know about Lithuania before coming? "I know that they have 2 religions in your country - Christianity and basketball. I also know that your language is the oldest," he added. 

Last week he visited the castle town of Trakai with fellow international students which he found "amazing." "It was like the Game of Thrones," said Blerjan adding that it was the first time that he had visited a castle. 

When not immersed in his studies, he has his eyes glued to his Apple phone. Last year he founded a digital marketing company in his home town of Pristina with a friend. I design websites, manage social networks, said the student adding that most clients come from Kosovo, but some are in Germany. 

"In my country technology, it's going very fast, and this was my chance to try." 

Starting a firm was not difficult, he added. "I believe that everything is possible. You just have to try and try," said the computer guru. 

"So many people ask why I study Economics. I'm thinking out of the box. I like it," he said. 

He also likes MRU's campus, meeting other students from various countries. "I like to see other countries, other cultures and would be more open-minded. I like to share idea with people from other countries and then I get ideas," he said. 

As for the Internet, Blerjan says it's easier now than ever to use and very useful. He should know. He's been using the Internet since he was 14 yrs. old.