King Sejong Institute News

2016-12-19 00:00:12

Certificates Awarded to Students Completing KSI Korean Courses

p1640067 Dec. 16th, 2016, certificates were awarded to those who successfully completed the King Sejong Institute's (KSI) Korean Language courses and K-pop and culture lecture series.

A total of 68 certificates were awarded to students.

A numerous group of Korean language lecturers, many from Korea, lectured at the KSI, located on MRU's campus. Lecturers included Boa Lim,  Seoyeong Park, Seokjoo Sohn, Dainius Biskis, Eunok Kim Kang and Dr. Linas Didvalis.

This was the 5th KSI certificate awarding ceremony held on campus.

The KSI was established on Oct. 10th, 2014, to foster interest in Korean language and culture and to learn more about Korea, its culture and traditions.

Korean language courses will be continuing in 2017.

Students and those interested, who want to learn Korean language, are invited to register to free courses during the spring semester. Register by writing: