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2013-02-10 00:00:01

Biolaw Prof. Narbekovas: Limits on Human Life are Clear

narbekovasresp Feb. 10th, the online news website published an interview with MRU Law Faculty Prof. Andrius Narbekovas on bioethics and human life.

Narbekovas says that homo sapiens is the only intelligent and free creature, but behaves in a way that's hard to fathom - "destroying himself and his kind," Narbekovas points out.

He says that in nature live creatures do not destroy their offspring..... But humans get rid of unborn children not because they don't have something to eat," he added.

"Often a person places himself in a spot which doesn't belong to him - man wants to become god without God," Narbekovas, a Catholic priest and former surgeon, said.

Narbekovas is a professor in MRU Law Faculty's Department of BIolaw.