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2011-02-07 00:00:10

Assoc. Prof. Guogis Discusses Declining Numbers of Voters Supporting Social Democrats in Elections

delfinews February 7th, MRU Assoc. Prof. Arvydas Guogis discusses the declining number of voters choosing to support social democrats in elections in Europe in the online news website "".

In 2011, social democrats were the ruling party in five EU-countries, writes Guogis in the article titled, "What does Lithuania Need From Social democrats?"

He also quotes the renowned sociologist Zygmund Bauman in a discussion in the magazine, "Social Europe," in which Bauman said the problem with today's social democrats is that they don't represent the underclass. That is why they don't receive support.

Guogis is an Assoc. Prof. in MRU's Dept. of Public Administration.