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2013-10-19 00:00:08

Assoc. Prof. Dumbliauskas On Political Affiliation & Newly-elected Seimas Chairman Graužinienė

dumbliauskasvytsz Oct, 19th, the daily newspaper, "Lietuvos Rytas," reports on the new Seimas parliament Chairman Loreta Graužinienė and quotes MRU Politics and Management Faculty Political Sciences Institute Assoc. Prof. Vytatutas Dumbliauskas.

He says that the clear political affiliation that Graužinienė has with the "Darbo partija" party is an advantage and a support of sorts.

The full-page article compares newly-elected Graužinienė with the Dalia Grybauskaitė, the President of the Republic of Lithuania.

In this regard, Assoc. Prof. Dumbliauskas says that President Grybauskaitė has won the sympathies of a large number of people having put forth an image of being non-political. And, therefore Chairman Graužinienė can not compare with President Grybauskaitė in this regard.