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2014-12-05 00:00:12

Assoc. Prof. Diržytė: To Avoid Christmas Season Stress, Change Thinking


December 5th, 2014, the business daily, "Verslo žinios" newspaper published a page-long interview with Mykolas Romeris University (MRU) Assoc. Prof. Aistė Diržytė on how to deal with the Christmas rush, stress and avoid post-holiday depression.

The interview is titled, "So that No One Steals Christmas....A Person's Worth is in No Way Associated with the Price of a Present."

Diržytė said that too many people pay too much attention to material gifts and forget the spirit of Christmas - exchange of good emotions.

In order to avoid Christmas fever and the stress with it, she said it is necessary to change your thinking and stop assuming that you can express your love for others by buying the most expensive gifts.

She said that those that don't buy and give gifts during the holiday season are often thought of as "unthankful, unloving egotists, misers and good-for-nothing persons."

"But do we really need to express our love by buying expensive gifts?" she asked.

Before buying presents she said maybe we should ask ourselves, if it wouldn't be better if a person valued another, but not on the basis of a gift.

Many, who buy gifts, often think about themselves and not others, she added.

She said we want to pat ourselves on the back, by buying something and we don't want to feel guilty. She said the essence of a gift is to make someone happy and not to spend all your savings buying a gift.

As for post-holiday blues, that too shall pass. Quoting the author of the Little Prince Antoine St. -Exupery, only those are sad that do not understand that the most important holiday is life itself.

"As long as our loved ones are with us, as long as we have health and can do something worthwhile, then the holidays don't end," she said.