In the News
MRU Conducted Research on How Legal Regulation Affects the Work of Physicians
July 19th, the daily newspaper, "Lietuvos Žinios," reported that Mykolas Romeris University (MRU) in conjunction with the Lithuanian Physicians' Association, conducted research seeking to determine the effect of legal regulation on the work of physicians. There were 2,440 doctors surveyed. Research determined that thousands of patients clog up lines waiting to see doctors, because doctors apparently seek to protect themselves from possible legal and other type of retribution.
Rector Prof. Pumputis: Tendency for Universities to Join Virtual Networks Grows
July 18th, the weekly news magazine, "Veidas" devoted two pages to an interview with MRU Rector Prof. Alvydas Pumputis. He discusses the growing tendency for universities to join virtual networks and the fact that graduates of the social sciences are "worth their weight in gold."
MRU Social Informatics Faculty Assoc. Prof. Darius Štitilis Discusses Influence of Big Brother
July 12th, MRU Social Informatics Faculty Assoc. Prof. Darius Štitilis appeared on the "Žinių radijas" programme "Žmogus žmogui," (Person to Person). He discussed the influence of surveillance cameras, monitoring of workplace e-mails and Big Brother on every day life. Academic Štitilis is an Assoc. Prof. in MRU's Social Informatics Faculty's Department of Electronic Business.
Transparency International's Anti-Corruption Summer School Opens at MRU July 11th
July 11th, the news programme on the "Žinių radijas" radio reported that Transparency International's Summer School on Integrity has kicked off at Mykolas Romeris University. The summer school will be held from July 11th-15th. It focuses on corruption and ways of fighting it.
Organizers of Summer School & MRU Vice-Rector G. Viliūnas on Importance of Summer School at MRU
July 11th, the online news website "Lietuvos Rytas" has placed a filmed news report on its site announcing the opening of the International Human Rights Summer Studies School at MRU on Monday, July 11th. School organizer Prof. Betty Morgan was interviewed along with MRU's Vice-Rector for Education Assoc. Prof. Giedrius Viliūnas.
MRU Student Gervinskaitė is New Miss Lithuania
July 9th, the daily newspaper, "Lietuvos Rytas," interviewed MRU student Ieva Gervinskaitė, 21, who has won the Miss Lithuania crown in a competition July 6th. She said that what has happened is "one dream coming true." She wowed the jury with her singing ability. She also plays the accordion and piano.
6th Annual "International Human Rights Summer Studies" School at MRU July 11-19th
July 7th, the online news website DELFI.lt reports that the 6th annual "International Human Rights Summer Studies" School will be held at MRU July 11-19th. The school awaits students from Belarus, Georgia, France, Lithuania and the U.S. Participants will listen to lectures on human rights issues and analyze practical situations and take part in a moot court. Lecturers come from France, Great Britain, Lithuania, Belarus and the U.S.
Vice-Rector Stasys Vaitkevičius, Ph.D., on Investments & Professional Experience
July 7th, MRU's Vice--Rector for Development & International Relations Stasys Vaitkevičius, Ph.D., discusses investments, his professional experience and management of companies in a 2-page interview in the glossy bimonthly magazine, "Verslo Klasė."

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