In the News
Team 1st in European WTO Moot Court Preliminary Round in Romania
March 31st, the online newspaper website "lrytas.lt," reports that a Lithuanian team composed of MRU students and one student from VU, placed first in the World Trade Organization's Moot Court Competition 2011 preliminary round held in Romania March 16th-20th.
MRU Assoc. Prof. Aleknonis Discusses Politicians and Divesture of Shares
March 29th, the Lithuanian TV (LTV) news programme, "Panorama," reported on Seimas members and divesting of shares they may have. MRU Assoc. Prof. Gintaras Aleknonis was interviewed. He said that when filling out forms declaring shares and possible conflicts of interest, politicians should regard the from "as a serious document." Aleknonis is Head of MRU's Political Sciences Dept.
MRU Law Faculty Assoc. Prof. Cirtautienė on Nuclear Safety & Zero Tolerance for Misbehaving Judges
March 29th, MRU Law Faculty Assoc. Prof. Solveiga Cirtautienė, a legal advisor to President Dalia Grybauskaitė, discussed nuclear safety and other issues on the "Žinių Radijas" radio programme, "Pozicija," (Position). She also discussed misbehaving judges, some who show up for work intoxicated. She said that President Grybauskaitė, will not tolerate such behaviour and that "such judges can not work as court judges." Cirtautienė is an Assoc. Prof. in MRU Law Faculty's Dept. of Civil and Commercial Law.
MRU Prof. Kulakauskas: Democracy in Lithuania - a Somewhat Shaky Matter
March 28th, the daily newspaper, "15 min" interviewed MRU Political Science professor Antanas Kulakauskas. In the article, Prof. Kulakauskas says democracy in Lithuania is a somewhat shaky matter. Kulakauskas points out that in all post-Soviet countries where society is rather poorly organized, it is unable to force "the government to serve" citizens. "In Lithuania democracy is somewhat shaky, but on the other hand, society is also partly at fault," he says. Kulakauskas is a professor in MRU's Dept. of Political Sciences.
Vice-Rector for Education Viliūnas Discusses Changes & Expansion of Joint Programmes at MRU
March 28th, the weekly news magazine, "Veidas," in an article about changes and new developments at Mykolas Romeris University, interviewed MRU's Vice-Rector for Education Giedrius Viliūnas (see photo). He discussed managerial changes at MRU as well as the goal of implementing more joint study programmes.
Education Minister Gintaras Steponavičius: MRU Wants to Offer Most of its Master's Programmes as Joint Degree Programmes
March 28th, in an interview with the weekly news magazine, "Veidas," Lithuania's Minister of Education and Science Gintaras Steponavičius (see photo) noted that he has heard MRU is seeking to have most, if not all, of the Master's Degree study programmes offered as joint programmes. Minister Steponavičius said that the government has set aside several "million litai" for those types of programmes.
MRU Asst. Dromantaitė-Stancikienė Discusses the Price of a Career & Who Will Sacrifice
March 28th, MRU Faculty of Politics & Management Asst. Aistė Dromantaitė-Stancikienė is quoted in an article in the online website "balsas.lt" about careers titled, "Who Would Sacrifice Their Career for the Sake of Family - Men or Women?" Dromantaitė-Stancikienė is an assistant in MRU's Dept. of Management.
Discussions on VAT Tax with EC Commissioner Šemeta on March 25th at MRU
March 24th, the "Žinių Radijas" web page, www.zinur.lt, reports in an article written by Kęstutis Saldžiūnas, that on March 25th, the European Commission's (EC) discussion session on the future of the VAT tax will be held at MRU. It is the first time that such a high-level academic conference will be held in Lithuania. EC Commissioner Algirdas Šemeta, Finance Minister Ingrida Šimonytė, European Parliament member Zigmantas Balčytis and others will take part in the EC event.
MRU Chancellor Assoc. Prof. Spurga Discusses the Census in Live, On-Air Discussion March 22nd
March 22nd, MRU Chancellor Assoc. Prof. Saulius Spurga appeared on the Žinių Radijas radio programme, "Anatomy of the Media" and discussed the ongoing census. The discussion was aired live. Spurga is an Assoc. Prof. in MRU's Dept. of Political Sciences.
MRU Law Professor Gediminas Mesonis Appointed Constitutional Court Judge
March 21st, the weekly news magazine "Veidas" reported that MRU Law Faculty Professor Gediminas Mesonis has been appointed a Constitutional Court Judge. Seimas members voted 100-7 in favour of his appointment on March 15th. Mesonis began serving a 9-year term on March 17th. He is a professor in MRU's Law Faculty.
MRU Prof. Kulakauskas Discussed Relations with Neighbouring Countries - March 20th
March 20th, on the LNK TV programme, "Top 5 (Events)" MRU Professor Antanas Kulakauskas was interviewed and commented relations with neighbouring countries. Kulakauskas is a professor in MRU's Dept. of Political Sciences.
MRU Assoc. Prof. Mierauskas Discussed Earth Day Events at MRU on TV Programme
March 20th, Lithuanian TV's news programme, "Panorama," interviewed MRU's Assoc. Professor Pranas Mierauskas (see photo) about Earth Day events at the University. There was mention of the safety bird silhouettes glued on MRU floor-to-ceiling windows to prevent birds from flying into the shiny glass. Assoc. Prof. Mierauskas is Head of MRU's Dept. of Environmental Policy.
MRU Assoc. Prof. and Political Pundit Dumbliauskas: We Need Professional Politicians
March 18th, the daily newspaper "Respublika" published the comments of MRU Assoc. Prof. Vytautas Dumbliauskas who participated in a roundtable discussion on politics and education reform. Dumbliauskas is quoted in the article as saying that the country needs politicians who are professionals and "not businessmen who have entered politics." Dumbliauskas is an Assoc. Prof. in MRU's Dept. of Political Sciences.
MRU Law Faculty Prof. Mesonis to Take Oath for Constitutional Court Post March 17th
March 16th, the daily newspaper, "Lietuvos Žinios" reported in an article titled, "The Seimas Has Formed the Constitutional Court" that MRU Law Prof. Gediminas Mesonis will take an oath March 17th to assume his place on the bench. This week the Seimas voted 100-7 to approve Mesonis' candidacy to the Constitutional Court for a 9-year term. Mesonis is a professor in MRU's Law Faculty and Head of the Constitutional Law Dept.
MRU Law Faculty Professor Comments on National Sovereignty & Establishment of Military Bases
March 15th, MRU Prof. Justinas Žilinskas is quoted in an article by the BNS news service and posted on alfa.lt about a Constitutional Court decision issued this week relating to national sovereignty. Žilinskas said the Constitution doesn't prohibit establishing military bases, which according to international treaties "are managed and controlled by Lithuania along (together) with alliance partner countries." Žilinskas is a professor in MRU's Law Faculty and Head of the Dept. of Comparative Law.
VEIDAS MAGAZINE: Rector Pumputis - Great Leader & Built MRU from Ground-up
March 14th, the weekly magazine, "Veidas" in an article about long-serving directors and leaders, names MRU Rector Alvydas Pumputis as an example of a great leader. He is a "strong personality...(and) practically built the University from the ground up," journalist Justinas Argustas writes. In addition, the article mentions that not only is Rector Pumputis a great leader, but one who is also very progressive.
TV: MRU Lecturer Aistė Bartkevičienė Discussed Immigrant Issues - March 14th
March 14th, MRU Lecturer Aistė Bartkevičienė appeared on Lithuanian TV's morning show, "Labas rytas" (Good Morning) and discussed immigrant issues. Bartkevičienė is a Lecturer in MRU's Department of Social Work.
Assc. Prof. Gudelis Discusses Emigration, Economics and Network Governance
March 10th, MRU Assc. Prof. Dangis Gudelis writes in an article in the online website DELFI.lt, "Perhaps, Let's Mobilize," about economics, emigration and network governance. He discusses national responsibility and how some countries, such as Israel, can be an example of a country with a strong sense of national responsibility. Gudelis is an Assc. Prof. in MRU's Dept. of Public Administration.
RADIO: MRU Assistant Dromantaitė-Stancikienė Discussed Women's Issues
March 8th, MRU Department of Management Assistant Aistė Dromantaitė-Stancikienė appeared on the Lithuanian radio programme, "Ryto garsai," (Morning Voices) and discussed women's issues to mark International Women's Day (March 8th). Statistics indicate that Lithuanian women are among the most educated in the EU. Dromantaitė-Stancikienė is an Assistant in MRU's Faculty of Policy and Management's Department of Management.
MRU Assoc. Prof. Nerijus Udrėnas: Rising Crude Prices-Threat to World Economy
March 8th, MRU Assoc. Prof. Nerijus Udrėnas, an advisor to Lithuania's President Dalia Grybauskaitė, appeared on the "Žinių Radijas" programme "Pozicija" and discussed current world and local events. Udrėnas said that since the unrest began in Libya Feb. 17th, the price of Brent crude has risen about 13% from $103./barrel to $116/barrel. He also said that rising crude prices are a threat to the world economy. Udrėnas is an Assoc. Prof. in MRU's Dept. of Political Sciences.
RADIO: MRU Assoc. Prof. Bitinas Discussed Reforms in State Social Insurance Fund - SODRA
March 8th, MRU Assoc. Prof. Audrius Bitinas appeared on Lithuanian Radio's programme, "Litas prie Lito" (One Litas After Another) and discussed reforms in Sodra, the State Social Insurance Fund Board. Bitinas also discussed the methods of calculating pensions for future retirees. Bitinas is an Assoc. Prof. in the Law Faculty's Dept. of Labour Law and Social Security.
MRU Public Administration Assoc. Prof. Gudelis Comments on Political Parties and Recent Elections
The March 2011 issue of the monthly current events magazine, "Valstybė," contains an article on Lithuania's political climate and quotes MRU Public Administration Dept. Assoc. Prof. Dangis Gudelis on the electoral system. He says that Lithuania's political parties lack internal discussion on various matters and this is a weakness of the country's political system. Gudelis also says that in part this is influenced by the immaturity of the Lithuanian voter. Gudelis is an Assoc. Prof. in MRU's Faculty of Politics & Management's Dept. of Public Administration.
Seimas to Consider Candidacy of MRU Law Faculty Professor to Constitutional Court - March 10th
March 7th, Lithuanian radio in its hourly news segment reported that - March 10th, Lithuania's parliamentary body, Seimas, will begin considering the candidacy of 3 candidates to the Constitutional Court. One of the candidates is MRU Law Faculty Professor Gediminas Mesonis, who is Head of MRU's Department of Constitutional Law.
MRU Professor Buračas: Growing Prices Influenced by China's Economic Leap
March 5th, the daily newspaper, "Respublika" devoted a full-page article to growing prices for food and commodities titled, "Growing Prices will Bring Lithuania to the Brink." MRU Professor and academic Antanas Buračas is quoted in the article saying that growing prices are connected with fundamental changes in the world...so therefore, they are long-term changes. Buračas is a professor in MRU's Dept. of Banking & Investments.
MRU Professor Kulakauskas: In Politics as in Sports - Not Always the Strongest Man Wins
March 3rd, Mykolas Romeris University Prof. Antanas Kulakauskas, a well-known political scientist, commented on current political issues on Lithuanian Radio's programme, "Forum." He discussed the political crisis surrounding Economy Minister Dainius Kreivys. Kulakauskas pointed out that in politics, as in sports, not always the strongest man wins. Kulakauskas is a professor in MRU's Dept. of Political Sciences.
LITHUANIAN TV: MRU Assoc. Prof. Bitinas Discusses Pensions and Pension Reform
March 2nd, Lithuanian TV interviewed MRU Assoc. Prof. Audrius Bitinas on pension reform on the morning news info programme, "Labas Rytas," (Good Morning). Bitinas discussed pensions and pension reform in Lithuania. He is an Assoc. Prof. in the Law Faculty's Dept. of Labour Law and Social Security.
MRU Law Faculty Prof. Mesonis: Lithuania Leads in Number of Appeals to Constitutional Court
March 1st, the online news website "DELFI.lt" has published an article quoting MRU Law Faculty Professor Gediminas Mesonis on the number of appeals to the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Lithuania. Mesonis is quoted as saying that probably there doesn't exist a law in Lithuania that hasn't been directed to the Constitutional Court. Mesonis is a Professor in MRU's Law Faculty and Head of the Dept. of Constitutional Law. He has been nominated to serve on the Constitutional Court bench.

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