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MRU Chancellor Saulius Spurga Participates in TV Discussion on Vilnius Politics
September 29th, Mykolas Romeris University (MRU) Chancellor Assoc. Prof. Saulius Spurga participated in a Lithuanian TV programme discussion, "Right to Know" (Teisė žinoti) on politics in Vilnius' City Council. The LTV programme was moderated by Rita Miliūtė. Chancellor Spurga is an Associate Prof. in MRU's Dept. of Political Sciences.
MRU Professor Kulakauskas Discusses Groups Influencing Political Process in Lithuania
September 27th, Mykolas Romeris University (MRU) Professor Antanas Kulakauskas commented on groups influencing political decision-making and the political process in the September 27th issue of the weekly newspaper, "balsas.lt Savaitė." Kulakauskas is a professor in MRU's Political Sciences Dept.
"Miss Lithuania 2010" Off to China with Works of Confucius and Book Recommended by MRU Assoc. Professor
Mykolas Romeris University (MRU) student and newly-crowned "Miss Lithuania 2010" Gritė Maruškevičiūtė is taking several books with her to China, where she will represent Lithuania in the "Miss World," competition next month writes "Respublika," in the Sept. 28th issue. She has packed the works of Confucius as well as MRU Assoc. Prof. Aistės Diržytės recommended book, "Life Without Fear: 7 Principles of Spiritual Peace."
ŽINIŲ RADIJAS: MRU Chancellor Saulius Spurga Comments on Lithuania's Latest News & Political Events
September 27th, Mykolas Romeris University Chancellor and Associate Prof. Saulius Spurga participated in the "Žinių Radijas," programme "Commentary & Events," discussing news and politics in Lithuania and hosted by Aurimas Perednis. Spurga commented on cut-off of "Star1 Airlines" flights to Vilnius, rising food prices and Vilnius' political scene. Spurga is an Associate Prof. in MRU's Department of Political Sciences in the Faculty of Politics & Management.
MRU Graduate of Joint Master's Degree Programme Interviewed by Lithuanian daily, "Respublika"
September 24th, the daily "Respublika" has published a full-page article on Mykolas Romeris University's joint study programmes titled, "Joint study programmes will open wide the doors to those looking for work." MRU Master's Degree graduate Giedrė Blažytė is interviewed in the article about her studies at MRU in the "Comparative Social Policy and Welfare" programme. She was part of the first graduating class of the programme, which received diplomas this year. (In the PHOTO: Graduates of the programme: Giedrė Blažytė who graduated with honours (on the left) and Eimantė Gečytė during diploma ceremonies at MRU.)
MRU Law Faculty Assoc. Professor & Judge A. Rudzinskas Discusses Civil Servant Responsibility
September 24th, Mykolas Romeris University Law Faculty Assoc. Professor & Vilnius Judge Antanas Rudzinskas discusses civil servant responsibility in the face of changes in a law regulating responsibility for negligent actions. His thoughts are printed in the Friday, September 24th, edition of the Lithuanian daily, "Lietuvos Žinios." Rudzinskas is an Assoc. Prof. in the Law Faculty's Civil & Commercial Law Dept.
MRU Political Science Dept. Head Aleknonis Participated in Discussion on BTV
September 23rd, Mykolas Romeris University (MRU) Assoc. Prof. Gintaras Aleknonis, head of MRU's Dept. of Political Sciences, participated in a BTV discussion on awarding of pensions and supplemental payments to widows of high-level government officials. Aleknonis appeared on the BTV programme, "Karštas Vakaras," moderated by journalist Aurimas Perednis.
MRU Vice-Rector on Implementation of ECTS System in Lithuania
September 23rd, Mykolas Romeris University Vice-Rector for Education Giedrius Viliūnas discusses implementation of the ECTS system in Lithuania in an article in the Bernardinai.lt online portal titled, "Europe's Experience in Education Teaches Dialogue."
Lithuanian Radio: MRU Professor A. Kulakauskas Presents Commentary on Civil Society
September 20th, Mykolas Romeris University (MRU) Political Sciences Dept. Professor Antanas Kulakauskas presented a commentary on Lithuanian Radio (LR Lietuvos Radijas) on budding civil society in Lithuania. He said in order for democracy to properly and effectively work, not only is a constitutional government necessary along with free elections, but also a civil society. Kulakauskas is a Professor of the Dept. of Political Sciences in MRU's Faculty of Politics & Management.
MRU Professor Beinoravičius: MRU Lecturers Encourage Students to Discuss & Ask Questions
September 20th, in the weekly magazine, "Veidas," MRU Law Faculty Professor Darijus Beinoravičius compares the academic atmosphere at Vilnius University and MRU. Prof. Beinoravičius, who graduated from Vilnius University, said that the atmosphere in MRU is "freer and lecturers encourage (students to ask) questions and to discuss." He said that when he was a student at Vilnius University's Law Faculty, there was a fear to ask questions.
MRU Assoc. Prof. & Presidential Legal Adviser Cirtautienė Discussed Confiscation of Property
September 20th, MRU Law Faculty Assoc. Prof. & Presidential Legal Affairs Adviser Solveiga Cirtautienė participated in a roundtable discussion on the "Žinių radijas," radio programme that discussed changes in the Criminal Code. It would allow for confiscation of property for criminal offenses. Cirtautienė spoke on the radio programme, "Tikrasis motyvas," as a draft law makes its way thru the parliament allowing for confiscation of property.
MRU Publishing Centre Chief Girčys: Easier to Integrate into Lithuanian Society
September 17th, Mykolas Romeris University (MRU) Publishing Centre Dept. Head Martin Girčys-Shetty is interviewed in the daily, "Lietuvos Žinios," about growing up in America, doing his Bachelor's there and Master's Degree at Vytautas Magnus University in Kaunas. Girčys, says it was a good decision to come back to Lithuania and get a job at MRU. It's easier to intergrate into Lithuanian society, he says. He is also a skillful translator, putting his linguistic abilities to work for the good of MRU.
MRU Grad & Seimas Member Kurpuvesas Discusses Confiscation of Property in Corruption Cases
September 16th, Mykolas Romeris University (MRU) graduate and ex-lecturer and now Seimas member Vytautas Kurpuvesas discussed confiscation of property as a means to fight corruption, on the "Žinių radijas" radio programme, "Raktas" (Key).
Verslo Žinios: MRU Assoc. Prof. Cirtautienė Discusses Drafts of Anti-Corruption Laws
September 15th, Mykolas Romeris University (MRU) Assoc. Prof. Solveiga Cirtautienė, the chief legal adviser to President Dalia Grybauskaitė, discusses proposals of anti-corruption laws including confiscation of property. Cirtautienė is an Assoc. Professor in MRU's Law Faculty.
Žinių radijas: MRU Law Faculty Lecturer & Presidential Adviser Rimšelis Speaks About Legal Issues
September 14th, Mykolas Romeris University (MRU) Law Faculty Lecturer and Legal Adviser to President Dalia Grybauskaitė, Ernestas Rimšelis, appeared in a radio programme. Rimšelis discussed legal issues during the "Žinių radijas" programme, "Pozicija." He is a lecturer in the Law Faculty's Department of Criminal Procedure.
Seimas Member and MRU Graduate Kurpuvesas Appeared on Lithuanian TV September 13th
September 13th, MRU graduate, former lecturer of Administrative Law and now Seimas parliament member Vytautas Kurpuvesas, appeared on the Lithuanian TV programme "Week in Review" (Savaitės atgarsiai.") Kurpuvesas, 32, spoke about new political groups and movements including the organization, "Our Business," (Mūsų reikalas) of which he is a member. Journalist Virginijus Savukynas was the moderator of the programme. Kurpuvesas, from 2005 until his election to the Seimas in 2008, lectured at MRU's Law Faculty.
Respublika: Lithuanian Bar Assn Chairman Leonas Papirtis Talks about Life Alone & as a Widower
September 11th, the daily "Respublika" in its Saturday lifestyle magazine, "Julius ir Brigita" interviews Mykolas Romeris University (MRU) Law Faculty Assoc. Prof. Leonas Virginijus Papirtis, who is now Chairman of Lithuania's Bar Association. Papirtis, fluent in French, speaks about life as a widower after the death of his wife, Kristina, 2 years ago. Papirtis has been Chairman of the Bar Association since April of 2008.
MRU Professor - Academic Buračas: EU Unity - is Absolute Demagoguery
September 7th, Mykolas Romeris University (MRU) Professor Academic Antanas Buračas, in an interview with the daily, "Respublika," said EU old-timer unity on the issue of energy is "the biggest demagoguery that can exist. What's been done for the unity of the energy sector? Nothing," says Prof. Buračas in the half-page newspaper interview. Buračas is a Professor in the Banking and Investments Dept. of the Faculty of Economics and Finance Management at MRU.
MRU's Cirtautienė: Property Confiscation "New Weapon" in Fighting Corruption
September 7th, Mykolas Romeris University Law Faculty Assoc. Prof. Solveiga Cirtautienė, President Dalia Grybauskaitė's legal adviser, was interviewed on the "Žinių Radijas" radio programme "Pozicija." She spoke on various legal matters including a draft proposal to confiscate the property of lawbreakers as a means of fighting corruption. (PHOTO of Cirtautienė by Judita Grigelytė/Verslo Žinios and courtesy of VERSLO ŽINIOS)
Veidas magazine: MRU's International Dimension - a Most Important Priority
September 6th, the Lithuanian weekly magazine, "Veidas," published a 2-pg. article, "Mykolas Romeris University opens its doors wide to the world." The article presents info about the importance of the international dimension at the University. MRU Vice-Rector for Education G. Viliūnas is interviewed. There is information about the first graduating Master's Degree class of a joint programme conducted with partner universities: Johannes Kepler Linz University and Finland's University of Tampere.
Lietuvos Žinios: Diplomas Signed by Rectors from 3 Countries - A First in the Country
September 3rd, the daily, "Lietuvos Žinios," reports, in an article written by Kęstutis Saldžiūnas, that on September 1st Mykolas Romeris University (MRU) awarded Master's Degree diplomas that were approved by university Rectors from MRU, Finland's University of Tampere and Austria's Johannes Kepler Linz University. Five MRU students of the 2-year programme, "Comparative Social Policy & Welfare," were awarded diplomas.
MRU Student - "Miss Lithuania 2010" Maruškevičiūtė: With the Crown Comes Responsibility
September 3rd, the daily "Lietuvos Rytas" in its "Stilius" magazine features a 2-page spread on the newly-crowned "Miss Lithuania 2010" Gritė Maruškevičiūtė, who is also a student at Mykolas Romeris University (MRU). Maruškevičiūtė says with the crown comes responsibility.

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