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Public Policy and Administration. 2018. Volume 17. No. 4

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Akos Cserny, Andras Nemeslaki. The challenges of e-voting

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Rita Vilkė, Ligita Šarkutė. Lithuanian local action groups: spatial initiatives or mobilized potential for rural development?

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Olga Khodakivska, Oleksiy Mohylnyi. The Modern State Agricultural Policy of Ukrainia: problems of countries with transition economy

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Tatsiana Chulitskaya, Irmina Matonyte. Social security discourses in a non-democratic state: Belarus between Soviet paternalistic legacies and neo-liberal pressures

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Alexander V. Сheremisin. Modern decentralization of local self-government in Ukraine: sources and perspectives of development (regional aspect)

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Elena Kolesnik, Larisa Pavlova, Tatyana Rybalova. Effectiveness evaluation of implementation of target programs for municipal education: improvement of approaches

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Marina N. Lukiyanova, Irina A. Zayarnaya, Marsel A. Kadyrov. Introduction of the "3-p" model in the concept of strategic management of municipal entities

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Achmad Nurmandi, David Almarez, Sataporn Roengtam, Salahudin Salahudin, Hazel D. Jovita, Dian Suluh Kusuma Dewi, David Efendi. To what extent is social media used in city government policy making? Case studies in three asean cities

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Mykolas Simas Poškus, Rasa Pilkauskaitė Valickienė, Arvydas Kuzinas. Making the right decision: subjective evaluation of pro-environmental public service announcements

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Paiman Ramazan Ahmad. Public Policy Analysis: Comparative Study of Iraq and Lithuania

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Žaneta Navickienė. Preparation of Lithuanian Judges for the Implementation of Practical Values

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Andrius Valickas, Lina Rakštelytė. Human resource management processes improvement at the municipality level: case of Vilnius city municipality administration

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Elif Genc. Review of Research Methods in Public Administration and Public Management: An Introduction by S. Van Theil (2014)

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