Information for Authors

This journal publishes the articles analyzing public policy and administration theoretical and practical problems. The priority is given to the articles that emphasize the topicality of modern public policy and public administration in Lithuania, including the reform of public administration system, the adjustment of Lithuanian public administration system to the requirements of European Union and etc. The reviews of the problems discussed in the conferences, the critique of new published public administration books and information about the events in scientific and academic field of Lithuanian public administration institutions are also published in the journal.

The articles of authors from Lithuania are published in Lithuanian and the articles of authors from foreign countries are published in English, French, Russian, German or Lithuanian.

The articles should not exceed 40 000 symbols The article should begin with an abstract of no less than 600 symbols written in the same language as an article and should end with the summary of no less than 600 symbols. The summary of articles written in Lithuanian should be written in English and summary of articles written in foreign language should be in Lithuanian.

An article should include the following order: the title, author’s name and surname, workplace and its’ address, abstract, keywords in Lithuanian and English, text, bibliography, summary. On separate sheet should be included author’s personal dat a: name and surname, scientific degree, research field and direction, work and position, and information about previous work experience, address.

It is desirable that the article should be divided into paragraphs. The essential thing of the first paragraph is to substantiate subject relevance and to define problem, subject, the aim and the methods of the research, describe the relation with the works of other investigators. The same information should be condensed in the abstract and summary as well. Main conclusions and recommendations should be stated at the end of the article.

Bibliographic references should be given in angle brackets and should refer the number in the bibliography list and the number of the page. In the bibliography list the references are given in original language and should respond the following requirements:

Articles in the periodical:
1. Norkus Z. Du galios veidrodžiai. Politologija, 1998, T. 1, Nr. 11, 103-116.
2. Brewer, G. A., Selden, S. C., and Facer, R. L. Individual Conceptions of Public Service Motivation. Public Administration Review, May/June 2000, Vol. 50, No 3, 240-253.
Articles in notes or chapters in books of multiple authors:
3. Raipa A. Viešoji politika ir analiz÷: viešojo administravimo politinis kontekstas. Kn.: A. Raipa (red.). Viešasis administravimas. Kaunas: Technologija, 1999, 17-41.
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8. Merriam-Webster’s collegiate dictionary (10th ed.). Springfield, MA: Merriam-Webster, 1993.
Institutional books:
9. Švietimas. Vilnius: Statistikos departamentas prie Lietuvos Respublikos Vyriausyb÷s, 2000.
10. Municipal Year Book. Washington, DC: International City Management Association, 1992.
Legislation and government resolutions:
11. Lietuvos Respublikos audito įstatymas. Valstyb÷s žinios, 1999, Nr. 59-1916.
12. Lietuvos Respublikos Vyriausyb÷s 2000 m. vasario 7 d. nutarimas Nr. 127 D÷l valstyb÷s įmonių ir įstaigų audito. Valstyb÷s žinios, 2000, Nr. 13-323.
13. Tarptautinis bendradarbiavimas. http://www.vrm.lt/index1.htm?dokumentai.htm [2001-04-20].
14. eEurope: An Information Society For All. http://europe.eu.int/comm/information_society/eeurope/index en.htm [2001-02-01].

The article should be submitted in electronic copy. Text editor Microsoft Word; font Times New Roman. All submissions must be 1.5 spaced on one side paper of A4 format and with margins as follows: top 2 cm, left and right – 1.8 cm. Each paragraph should begin with indention of 0.6 cm. For article text font size is 12 pt, for summary and bibliography list font size is 10 pt.

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