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Aims and scope of the academic journal Public Policy and Administration:

  • to encourage scientific research aimed at finding new theoretical and practical solutions for the formation and implementation of public policy;
  • to analyze current trends in public administration and suggest new alternatives for decision making and implementation for public administration practice;
  • to pay special attention to the analysis and critical evaluation of the processes of public administration in Eastern and Central Europe;  
  • to contribute to the improvement of the research methodology in the field of public policy;
  • to ensure effective dissemination of scientific knowledge by publishing relevant up-to-date studies and conference reviews.

The journal includes articles analyzing theoretical and practical issues in the areas of public policy and administration in Central and Eastern Europe. Priority is given to articles analyzing transformational processes and reform management in Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Latvia, Poland, the Czech Republic, good practices of these countries, current issues in the formation and implementation of public policy in Lithuania and, among them, the developments in the public administration reform and the implementation of European Union standards. Of particular interest are institutional and functional issues in EU governance, regional development of knowledge society, managerial competencies of public servants and ethical problems. The journal also reviews conferences, books, and events of interest to the fields of public policy and administration.

Most journals in the field focus on either public policy or public administration, while the defining feature of our journal is that it publishes analyses on both of these dimensions of public governance.

The quarterly journal Public Policy and Administration is international and multidisciplinary. It includes theoretical articles by internationally renowned scholars as well as studies of the practical aspects of public governance. Pieces of research published in this journal are based on the application of various methods from diverse fields, such as management, sociology, economics, philosophy, history and law.

A partner of Public Policy and Administration is Wroclaw University (Poland).

The submitted articles are reviewed by at least two experts in the field of research assigned by the Editorial Board .
Articles are published in Lithuanian, English, German and Russian.
The journal has been published since 2002 in four issues per year.
The papers published in Public Policy and Administration are included in the international EBSCO Publishing, Inc., International Index Copernicus and PA@BABEL (Public Administration’s Database for Accessing Academic Publications in European Languages) databases.

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