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Social Technologies. 2014, Nr. 4(2)

Richard Absalom, Dap Hartmann. Durham Zoo: Powering a Search-&-Innovation Engine with Collective Intelligence
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Niclas Eberhagen. Towards a Knowledge Communication Perspective on Designing Artefacts Supporting Knowledge Work
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Byung-Gook Lee, Seokmin Hong, Han Yuan Dong, Donghak Shin. Full Parallax Integral 3D Display and Image Processing Techniques
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Michele Albano, Marcel Macarulla. Smarter Grid through Collective Intelligence: User Awareness for Enhanced Performance
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Seyed Ebrahim Dorraji, Mantas Barcys. Privacy in Digital Age: Dead or Alive?! Regarding the New EU Data Protection Regulations
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Birutė Pitrėnaitė-Žilėnienė, Andrea Carosi, Paolo Vallesi. Enhancing Societal Resilience against Disasters: Engaging the Public via Social Technologies
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Edita Dalia Rakauskaitė. Development of Creativity – An Investment to the Creative Society
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Benas Brunalas. The Influence of Identity Solves the Problems of Management of the Communities in the Network Societies More Effectively
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Viktorija Stokaitė, Birutė Pitrėnaitė-Žilėnienė. The Importance of Collective Intelligence Implementing the ‘Third Mission’ of Universities
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Andrius Stasiukynas. Traditions and Management Perspectives of Community and Non-Profit Organizations in Lithuania
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Marius Kalinauskas. Gamification in Fostering Creativity: Player Type Approach
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Laura Gudelytė, Olga Navickienė, Aistė Valentinaitė. Overview of Features and Issues in Designing Evaluation Indices for Social Phenomena
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