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Social Technologies. 2013, Nr. 3(1)

Filipe Montez Coelho Madeira, Salvador Luís de Bethencourt Pinto de Abreu, Rui Filipe Cerqueira Quaresma. Hybrid Recommender Strategy in Learning: An Experimental Investigation
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Galina Kavaliauskienė, Lilija Anusienė, Živilė Puodžiukaitienė. Perceived Difficulties in e-Learning During the First Term at University
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Tadas Limba, Konstantin Agafonov. Application Possibilities of Social Marketing Technologies for Publicity of Electronic Government Services
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Gintautė Žibėnienė, Dovilė Brasienė. Using the Internet, Online Social Networks and Potentially Incurred Risk: Student Opinions
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Eglė Malinauskienė. Conceptual Framework for Context-Based E-Government Interoperability Development
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Aleksejus Kononovičius, Valentas Daniūnas. Agent-Based and Macroscopic Modeling of the Complex Socio-Economic Systems
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Ramutė Naujikienė. E-Health Administration System Communication Indicators and Their Significance Assessment
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Monika Skaržauskaitė. Measuring and Managing Value Co-Creation Process: Overview of Existing Theoretical Models
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Tadas Limba, Virginija Jurkutė. Brand Building and Enhancement with Electronic Marketing Tools
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Arnas Palaima, Pranas Mierauskas. Mainstreaming Natural Capital into Decisions: Integrated Valuation of Ecosystem Services
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Tatjana Bilevičienė, Gintarė Paražinskaitė. Joint Degree Program: the Perspective of Employers
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Dalė Dzemydienė, Giedrius Romeika. Opportunities of E-Service Providing Intermediaries in Transactions of Business Subjects
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Darius Štitilis. The Legal Regulation of Cybersecurity
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Eglė Kazlauskienė, Evelina Šakalytė. The Evaluation of Innovation in the IT Service Sector: Methodological and Empirical Aspects
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Airina Savickaitė. Critical Points in Distance Learning System
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