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Social Technologies. 2012, Nr. 2(2)

Ana Criado Gomis, M. Angeles Iniesta-Bonillom, Raquel Sanchez-Fernandez. Quality of Student–Faculty Interaction at University: An Empirical Approach of Gender and ICT Usage
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Rūta Tamošiūnaitė, Monika Skaržauskaitė. Theoretical Insights for Developing the Concept of Social Technologies
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Ili̇́dio Tomás Lopes. Seeking a Sustainable Development Scoreboard: Beyond the Agency Theory
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Gražina Kalibataitė. The Peculiarities of Human Resource Information Management Problems and Solutions
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Rimantas Petrauskas, Paulius Vaina. Development of Electronic Identification Measures in the Public Sector in Lithuania: Reality, Demand and the Future
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Ramutė Naujikienė, Dalė Dzemydienė. Evaluation of Public E-Services and Information Technology Accessibility in Different Social Groups
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Devender Maheshwari, Marijn Janssen. Measures for Assessing the Readiness of Back-office Staff
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Marius Kalinauskas, Mantas Barčys. Legal Challenges Related to the Regulation of a Domain Name System
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Tadas Limba, Konstantin Agafonov. Models and Principles of Designing e-Voting Systems, Ensuring its Protection
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Birutė Galinienė, Giedrė Dzemydaitė. Spatial Data Envelopment Analysis Method for the Evaluation of Regional Infrastructure Disparities
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Rimantas Petrauskas. E-democracy Projects in the Regions of Lithuania: Evaluation Aspects.404
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Panagiotis Panagiotidis. Personal Learning Environments for Language Learning
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Darius Štitilis, Valdas Klišauskas. The Regulation of the Security of Electronic Information in Lithuania and Russia: the Comparative Aspects
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Andrius Eidimtas, Gintarė Valinevičienė. University Presentation to Potential Students Using Web 2.0 Environments
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Vilhelmina Vaičiūnienė, Viktorija Mažeikienė. Social Media in Adult Education: Insights Gained from Grundtvig Learning Partnership Project “Institutional Strategies Targeting the Uptake of Social Networking in Adult Education (ISTUS)”
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Tadas Limba, Lina Novikovienė. Impact of Electronic Signatures and Time Stamping for the Protection of Electronic Agreements
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