Information for Authors

Main objectives of Mykolas Romeris university scientific Journal "Health Policy and Management”:

  • encourage a scientific dialogue between the European and global researchers;
  • analyze the problems of health policy and management, reflecting national and international context and environment;
  • disseminate innovative research experience;
  • develop the research of interdisciplinary social and biomedical sciences and humanities

Annual peer reviewed periodical Journal “Health Policy and Management" publishes articles in various fields of traditionally regarded social sciences (policy, management, law, economics, public administration, sociology, psychology, educology, social information etc.) and humanities (philology, history, philosophy etc.) together with the scientific articles in other fields of interdisciplinary research that analyze theoretical and practical problems of health policy and management, presents monographs and other reviews of scientific publications, announces important conferences and seminars of health policy and management.

Journal “Health Policy and Management" presents original non published scientific articles, written in English or Lithuanian language. According to the resolution of Editorial Board, articles can be published in other languages as well.

Structure of an article:

  • Title of an article
  • Name and surname of the author(s)
  • Name, address, telephone and e-mail of the scientific institution, represented by the author
  • Date of submission of scientific article to the managing editor of Editorial Board
  • An abstract (size – about 600 characters) in the same language as an article. It briefly presents the content of the article and sets out the key issues analyzed
  • Key words (about 5 main terms given)
  • Introduction (relevance of the topic, actuality, defined purpose of the research, research objectives, methods, degree of the problem (s) coverage by other scientific researches)
  • Main text of the article – research process. Preferably the text should be divided into paragraphs, sections or subsections, e.g. 2.; 2.1.; 2.2.1. etc.
  • Article ends up with the concluding findings that sum up the scientific discussions or decisions presented. It is necessary to provide references and evidence of the results.
  • All cited sources must be specified in the reference list, which should be at the end of an article in alphabetical order after the conclusions. References in the main text are made by using the Footnotes, in Arabic numbers, the quoted literature and bibliographic references should be indicated at the bottom of each page. The authors are advised to use most actual and relevant scientific sources (published in the last five years), at least five of them should be published in journals accepted by the recognized international databases. The sources and reference list should be made according to the "The main sources of scientific literature in the text and list of rules".
  • Full-scale abstract (up to 2200 characters, i.e. not more than one page size) and key words in English language should be at the end of an article written in Lithuanian language. Abstract should cover main problems, concluding findings and recommendations.
  • Information about the author(s) is presented in Lithuanian and English languages. It consists of: name(s) and surname(s) of the author(s), scientific degrees and titles, institution(s) represented, position and scientific interests.

Submission of an article:

Editorial Board should receive 2 copies of an article, printed in Microsoft Word, character format - Times New Roman 12 pt. Article should be printed in 1,5 line spacing interval, on one side of A4 paper size, leaving the margins of not less than 25 mm. The volume of an article should be between 12-18 pages (about 45 600 characters), scientific reviews – 2-7 pages (about 20 000 characters), pages numbered. Scientific research articles and reviews of a larger scale can be published according to the resolution of the Editorial Board. Author(s) sign one copy of the printed article and indicate the date of the submission to the Editorial Board. Electronic copy of the article is also included alongside with the printed version.

If scientific article is submitted to the Editorial Board by the PhD student, it has to have an attached written opinion of the faculty or department about the article's scientific value, relevance, and need to be published together with the recommendation of the dissertation supervisor.

Additional data about the author(s) to be presented on a separate page: name and surname, institution and the address, phone number (work and mobile), fax number, e-mail. These data are necessary to ensure direct and operative communication between the Editorial Board, scientific reviewers and publishers (editors, translators etc.) with the author(s). If there is more than one author, one person of contact must be indicated responsible for communication with the Editorial Board.

Pictures, schemes, diagrams, charts, tables, photos etc. are to be presented in a separate electronic device. Pictures, schemes, diagrams, charts, tables, photos etc. are printed in places mentioned in the text. Large graphic files can be placed at the top or bottom of the sheet over its entire area. Pictures, charts, diagrams, tables, photos must have an area not greater than 84 mm (per column) or 175 mm (per page). Most suitable formats for graphic files are – Tagged Image Format File (TIFF), Word for Windows, Corel Draw, Excel. Photos (color and black and white) have to be of a good quality, clear and suitable for reproduction. Pictures, schemes, diagrams, charts, tables, photos are numbered sequentially. Titles of pictures, schemes, diagrams, charts are indicated below, titles of tables – on top.

Every article is reviewed by at least two reviewers – acting scientists; at least one of the reviewers is not a member of the Editorial Board. Reviewers are assigned confidentially. An article, submitted for publishing, must be corrected by author according to the remarks of the reviewers and editors. Otherwise, an author should provide motivation why the corrections cannot be made. The printed and electronic copies of the corrected article must be submitted to the Editorial Board not later than after two weeks after the review. The reviewed manuscript of the article must be also returned accordingly.

Scientific articles, fulfilling the above mentioned requirements, should be submitted to the chief of editorial board of “Health policy and management” prof. dr. Danguole Jankauskiene (Valakupių str. 5-207, tel. (+370 5) 274 0635, fax. (+3705) 274 0624, e-mail: djank@mruni.eu) or send by post at: Mykolas Romeris University, Faculty of Policy and Management, editor in charge of the scientific journal „Health Policy and management, address: Valakupiu str. 5, LT-10101 Vilnius, Lithuania.

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  • Editor: Snieguolė Zalatorė
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  • E-mail: snieguole@mruni.eu
  • www.mruni.eu
  • Company VAT code: LT119517219.