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Societal Studies. 2012, No. 4(3)

David Schultz. Europe and the 2012 American Elections
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Saulius Nefas. Municipality as the Object of Local Democracy Functioning
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Kristina Ivanauskaitė. The Development of Legal Regulations in Lithuanian Party System in 1905–1919
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Barbara Stankevič. The Jagiellonian Idea and its Implications in 20th Century Polish Geopolitical Thought
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Manas Dutta. Disciplining the Madras Army During the Early Years of the English East India Company’s Dominance in South India
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Nilgün Ongan. Constitutional Provisions on Union Rights in Turkey: A Comparative Review
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Maka Elbakidze. The Subject of Holiness in Georgian Hagiographic Texts
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Saulius Kanišauskas. The Identity of Family and Nation as a Social Code and Value
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Alfonsas Vaišvila. “Other Forms of Family“, or an Attempt to Tailor the Notion of Family to an Individual’s Subjectivity
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Svajonė Mikėnė. The Status of Women in Azerbaijan and Lithuania: The Aspect of Gender Equality
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Ignas Dzemyda, Agnius Karčiauskas. Innovation Systems and Universities: Theoretical Aspects
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Stefan Larsson. Conceptions in the Code: What “The Copyright Wars” Tell Us About Creativity, Social Change and Normative Conflicts in the Digital Society
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Viktorija Mažeikienė, Giedrė Valūnaitė-Oleškevičienė. Cooperative Approach in Language Learning and Teaching
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Gytis Kuncevičius. Links Between the Nature of the Administrative Act and the Administrative Contract: the Theoretical Aspect
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Viktoras Justickis, Tomas Saladis. Medical Standards in the National System of Administative Law
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Danguolė Klimkevičiūtė. Trademark Use Requirement: Theoretical and Practical Problems
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Ieva Navickaitė-Sakalauskienė. Unfair Commercial Practices Directive: Implementation and Application Challenges in the Lithuanian Legal System
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Lina Jasutienė. Shipper’s Obligations and Liability: The Analysis of United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Carriage of Goods Wholly or Partly by Sea
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Agnė Urbelionytė. Changes in EU Legal Regulations on Human Trafficking after Adoption of Directive 2011/36/EU
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Giedrius Būdvytis. The Anatomy of Exceptional Factors, or the Understanding of the Principle of Fairness and its Implementation in the Process of Sentencing
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Eglė Matuizienė. Interests of a Crime Victim in Criminal Procedure
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Tomas Rudzkis, Artūras Panomariovas. Problematic Aspects of Causality of Insurance Criminality
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Victoria Lysenko. Lecture. Buddhism as an Interactive Message
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Saulius Kanišauskas. Book Review
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Dalia Vitkauskaitė-Meurice. Book Review
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