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Societal Studies. 2009, No. 4(4)

Vytautas Piesliakas. The Content of Guilt in the Cases Regarding the Crimes Against a Person’s Health and Life
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Aurelijus Gutauskas. Human Trafficking and its Treatment in Criminal Law
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Laurynas Pakstaitis. Trends in the Practical Implementation of Criminal Responsibility of Juveniles According to the Criminal Law of Lithuania
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Justinas Sigitas Peckaitis, Viktoras Justickis, Arvydas Pocius. The Process of Murderer’s Social Disadaptation at Different Stages of his Life
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Andrius Nevera, Svetlana Melnicenko. The non bis in idem Principle in the European Union Criminal Law
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Skirmantas Bikelis. Is Criminal Liability for an Attempt with Dolus Eventualis the Way Towards a More Reasonable and a More Consistent Penal Policy?
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Pavelas Kujalis. Necessity in the Cases of Traffic Accidents
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Tomas Girdenis. The Concept of Multiple Offenses: Theoretical and Practical Problems
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Egle Riaubaite. The Conception of the Limitation of a Judgement of Conviction: its Legal Origin and Application Conditions under the Criminal Codes of 1961 and 2000
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Agne Baranskaite. The Principle of Humanness in the Context of the Historical Development of the Institute of Exemption from Criminal Liability
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Rasa Pauzaite. Proceeds from Crime as a Type of Property Subject to Confiscation
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Kristina Grineviciute. The Notion of the Subject of Abuse of the Rights or Duties of a Parent, a Guardian or a Custodian or Other Authorized Representatives of a Child
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Iveta Vitkute Zvezdiniene. Exemption from Criminal Liability: the Problems of the Implementation of the Presumption of Innocence Principle
Laima Garneliene, Ernestas Rimselis. The Impact of the Conception of Appeal on the Criminal Procedure Case Law
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Irma Randakeviciene. Judgement in Criminal Procedure Law
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Arturas Panomariovas. Intelligence Activity and the Usage of Intelligence-Related Information for the Investigation of Criminal Acts: de lege lata – de lege ferenda
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Egle Matuiziene. The Conception of Dispositiveness in Criminal Procedure
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Aiste Kuolaite. The Problem of the Criminological Determination of the Criminality of Not Working and Non-Studying Persons
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Laura Ustinaviciute, Rita Zukauskiene, Alfredas Laurinavicius. Risk of Re-Offending of Lithuanian Convicts: an Analysis of the Effectiveness of the Oasys Methodology
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Violeta Januleviciene, Sigita Rackeviciene. Lithuanian and English Legal Terms Denoting Criminal Activity
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Andrius Nevera, Aurelijus Gutauskas. Review
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