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Societal Studies. 2013, No. 5(3)

Virginija Kondratienė. Subsidiarity Principle as the Means of Perception of the Identity of the Civilizations
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Saulius Kanišauskas. Values in Spirituality and of Spirituality
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Amit Dey. Dara Shukoh, Abul Kalam Azad and Eclectic Traditions in India
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Audra Visockaitė, Liucija Birškytė. Ethics in Tax Administration
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Vitalija Rudzkienė, Miglė Eleonora Černikovaitė. Social Justice Perception: Citizens and Consumers Approach
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Feliksas Miliutis. Fair Price in Squeeze-Out Transactions
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Viktoras Justickis, Nikolajus Markevičius. Analogous Simulation of Nation-Scale Macroeconomic Decisions (Is the Baltic Able to Arrange the Uefa Euro 2024?)
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Vygandas Paulikas, Linas Jonas Gustas. Agrolobbyism in EU and Lithuania
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Nadia Yassine-Diab, Nolwena Monnier. Professional Autonomy of French Higher Education Language Teachers: at the Crossroads of Social Sciences and Humanities
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Eglė Selevičienė. Developing Language Students’ Phonological Awareness Through Poetry
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Aistė Samuilytė-Mamontovė. Implementation of European Union Law in the National Court of the Member State: Limits of the Doctrine of Indirect Effect of the Directives
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Laura Rimšaitė. The Perspective of Long-Term Energy Supply Contracts in the Context of European Union Competition Law
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Jūratė Kemežytė. The Legal Grounds of Voidability of the Surety Contract: Theoretical and Practical Problems
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Lina Jasutienė. Rotterdam Rules: Legal Innovations of Sea Carrier’s Obligations
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Dovilė Gaidelytė. Problematic Aspects of Presumption of Innocence while Establishing Insufficient Social Maturity of a Young Adult
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