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Societal Studies. 2013, No. 5(2)

Vladas Bartochevis. Contextualization of Multiculturalism, Diversity of the Concept and Models
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Diana Janušauskienė. Tolerance in Lithuania: Attitudes Towards National Minorities
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Béatrice Boufoy-Bastick. Evaluation of Transcultural Culturemetrics Educational Objectives: Building a Pluricultural Identity in French and Spanish Licentiate Students
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Audronė Janužytė. National and Transnational Scientific and Educational Interests in the Period of the First Republic of Lithuania
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K. M. Joshi, Raj Sekhar Basu. Higher Education and Participation of Indigenous People in India: Some Reflections
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Rudolf Larenz. What Can Thomistic Philosophy of Nature Contribute to Physics?
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Nina Panina, Vladislav Kazakov, Natalia Bartosh, Pavel Emelyanov. Virtual Museum in Teaching Subjects in the Culture Area
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Jolita Dudaitė. Item Format Influence on the Results of the Item
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Laima Pečkuvienė. Vocabulary of Administrative Language: Rules and Usage
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Povilas Vaičiulis. Overview of the Development of the Lithuanian Securities Market
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Vytautas Šenavičius. Protection of Minority Shareholders’ Interests Beyond the Mandatory Bid: European Union and Lithuania’s Practice
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Gintarė Grambaitė, Jean-Philippe Brunet. Comparative Review of the Taxation of the Persons Who Profit from the Sale of Real Estate in France and in Lithuania
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Eglė Sakalauskaitė. Qualification Requirements for Suppliers and Some Problematic Aspects of Their Determination
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Sigita Kaikarienė. Luxury and Its Regulation in Ancient Rome (the Second Part of the Republic – the Beginning of the Empire)
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Indrė Pukanasytė. The Stability of Legal Regulation During the Electoral Process – Important Condition of Democratic Elections
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Jolita Šukytė. Problems of Identifying Negligent Fault in Criminal Offences
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