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Societal Studies. 2013, No. 5(1)

Bronislavas Kuzmickas. Some Issues of the Changes in the Humanities
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Jean-Louis Vieillard-Baron. The Crisis of Philosophy. Between Sociology and Literature
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Philippe Capelle-Dumont. Philosophy and the Areas of Truth
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John F. X. Knasas. Philosophy, God, and Aquinas
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Benas Brunalas. Supra-Nationalization Through Integration: Searching for the Function of Europe
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Aistė Stankuvienė. The Factors of Authoritarianism and Diagnostic Tools
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Margarita Poškutė. Reflection on Culture and Its Synthesis in the World Outlook of Lithuanian Intellectuals at the End of the 19Th C. and Beginning of the 20Th C
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Andrea Bernini. Local Languages and Cultural Differences in the Age of Globalisation: the Example of Cremonese Dialect
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Irine Modebadze. The National Language Image of the World and the Processes of Cultural Globalization
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Irma Ratiani. The Reflection of the Ethnical Terms “Caucasus” and “Caucasian” in Georgian Literature
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Mimasha Pandit. Swadeshi Jatra Performances in Bengal (1905–1911): Locating the Ground for Engendering a Nuanced National Identity in South Asia
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Violeta Janulevičienė, Kristina Gedgaudaitė. Bridging the Gap: Young Philologist Academy
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Rolanda Kazlauskaitė Markelienė, Audronė Petrauskaitė. The Interaction of Academic and Professional Identities
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Margarita Išoraitė. Research Advertising Exposure in Colleges
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Rimgaudas Geleževičius. The Legal Regulation and Institutionalisation of Lobbying in Lithuania: Outcomes and Lessons of the First Decade
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Dovilė Sagatienė. The Restoration and Development of Soviet Courts in Lithuania in 1944–1956
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Indrė Pukanasytė. The Principles of Electoral Law in the Jurisprudence of the Constitutional Court
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Aistė Račkauskaitė-Burneikienė. The Right to be Taught in a Minority Language
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Laima Vaigė. The Concept of Domestic Violence in Lithuania and the Aspect of Gender from the Perspective of International Law
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Kristina Zamarytė-Sakavičienė. Legal Aspects of Informed Consent in Paediatric Clinical Trials of Medicinal Products
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Renata Jankutė. The Exceptions to the Principle of Full Compensation in Delictual Liability—the Factors of Subjective Nature
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Feliksas Miliutis. What is a „Fair“ Squeeze-Out/Sell-Out Price in Lithuania?
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Rūta Zmejauskaitė. Taste as a Trade Mark
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Rūta Kaziliūnaitė. The Features of Economic Activities Causing Criminal Liability and Their Influence on the Status of the Revenue of Such Activity
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Renata Marcinauskaitė. The Technological Neutrality Principle and Its Significance in Formulating and Explaining the Offences Against the Security of Electronic Data and Information Systems
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Saulius Arlauskas. Book Review. Metaphors and Norms: Understanding Copyright Law in a Digital Society
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