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Societal Studies. 2011, No. 3(3)

Leonas Žitkus. Features of the European Style of Management as Core Competences of Managers
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Živilė Šutavičienė. Need and Possibilities of Public and Private Sectors Partnership in Lithuania (article in Lithuanian)
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Audronė Juodaitytė, Daiva Malinauskienė, Erika Masiliauskienė, Rasa Pocevičienė. Participation of Rural Local Government Heads in the Policy of School Network Reorganization: Aims, Activities, Decision Making (article in Lithuanian)
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Zinaida Gineitienė, Rita Raklevičiūtė. Human Resource Management through the Quality of Information Technology Services (article in Lithuanian)
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Artūras Mažeika, Kristina Miliūtė, Aelita Skaržauskienė. The Importance of Communication Factor in Information Technology Incidents Management Service Process (article in Lithuanian)
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Mindaugas Kiškis. Perspective for Copyright Levies (Compensation for Authors and Neighbouring Rights Holders for Private Copying) after EUCJ Padawan Decision (article in Lithuanian)
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Renata Marcinauskaitė. The Problems of Indentification of the Main Object of Cyber Offences (article in Lithuanian)
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Vilhelmina Vaičiūnienė. Information Literacy Phenomenon in University Learning Environment: Attitudes of Teachers and Librarians (article in Lithuanian)
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Neringa Langvinienė, Rima Žitkienė. Opportunities for Lithuania to Become a Full Member of International Services Market
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Ramūnas Birštonas, Nijolė Janina Matulevičienė, Jūratė Usonienė. Problems of Individual Exercise of Performers’ Economic Rights in Lithuania (article in Lithuanian)
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Miglė Eleonora Černikovaitė. Brand Equity Evaluation Model (article in Lithuanian)
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Andrius Gintalas. The Concept of Methodology and Method (article in Lithuanian)
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Viktoras Justickis, Gintautas Valickas. Therapeutic Jurisprudence and the Humanisation of the Modern Justice (article in Lithuanian)
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Žilvinas Terebeiza. The Problem of the Establishment of Truth in the Course of Civil Process (article in Lithuanian)
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Aleksandras Gončarko. Problematical Aspects of Custodial Sentence Enforcement in Lithuania (article in French)
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Indrė Kavoliūnienė, Milda Vainiutė . Governmental Model of French Fifth Republic as the Standard for a Semi-Presidential Republic (article in Lithuanian)
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Violeta Janulevičienė, Sigita Rackevičienė. Translation Strategies of English Legal Terms in the Bilingual Lithuanian and Norwegian Law Dictionaries
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Justas Sakavičius. Trust of Estate Law and it’s Peculiarities in Lithuanian Civil Law (article in Lithuanian)
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Kristina Saukalienė. Construction Manager: the Concept and Peculiarities of Contractual Responsibility (article in Lithuanian)
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Giedrius Mozūraitis. The Limits for Confidentiality of Information on the Health Status of a Patient (article in Lithuanian)
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Interview. A Philosopher is the Thinker of the Life. Philippe Capelle-Dumont Interviewed by Jolanta Saldukaitytė
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