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Societal Studies. 2011, No. 3(1)

Lora Tamošiūnienė. Reviewing the Scope of Literacy. A Case of Scholarly Identities
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Povilas Aleksandravičius. Transformation of the Meanings of the Concepts of Being, Eternity and Time in Modern Scholasticism (article in French)
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Margarita Išoraitė. Human Resources—Key Competitive Resources for Strategic Organization Management (article in Lithuanian)
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Malvina Arimavičiūtė. The Strategic Development Planning of Local Governments, Following the Examples of Foreign Countries (article in Lithuanian)
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Aleksandras Krylovas, Natalja Kosareva. Item Response Theory Applications for Social Phenomena Modeling
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Ivan Dakov, Petko Naydenov. Factors that Influence the Success of the Practical Implementation of Virtual Cellular Manufacturing Systems
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Nikolajus Markevičius. Optimisation of Degree of Economic Integration between Lithuania and Belarus
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Natalia Volgina. The Automotive Value Chain in Russia: Trends and Perspectives
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Jakub Rzucidło. E-government in Poland: Selected Examples of Plans which Are Carried Out
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Darius Štitilis, Paulius Pakutinskas, Inga Dauparaitė, Marius Laurinaitis. Criminalization of Online Identity Theft: Comparative Aspects (article in Lithuanian)
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Tomas Blinstrubis. Constitutional Conception of the Church (Religious Communities) and the Limits of Self-Regulation: Example of Switzerland (article in Lithuanian)
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Živilė Šutavičienė. The Concept of Public-Private Partnerships in Lithuania
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Virginijus Bitė. Conception and Features of a Close Company (article in Lithuanian)
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Ramūnas Birštonas, Nijolė Janina Matulevičienė, Jūratė Usonienė. The Concept of the Performer in the Context of Intellectual Property, Tax and Social Security Laws (article in Lithuanian)
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Ąžuolas Čekanavičius. Perspectives of Territorial Restrictions on Collective Management of Copyright and Related Rights in the European Union (article in Lithuanian)
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Indrė Špokienė. Provision of Information on Medicinal Products to Patients: the Content of Legal Terms, Lawfulness of Restrictions, and Responsibility for Infringements (article in Lithuanian)
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Giedrė Galminienė, Janina Balsienė. Legal Regulation Pharmaceutical Practice in Lithuania in Aspect of the Rational Use of the Medical Preparations (article in Lithuanian)
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Ana Novosad. The Impact of the Reform of Article 102 of the Treaty on the European Union Functioning in the Evolution of the Concept of Objective Justification (article in Lithuanian)
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Evaldas Klimas, Vidmantas Jurgaitis. Interpretation and Content of the Duty to Cooperate Principle in the Modern Contract Law (article in Lithuanian)
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Andrius Mamontovas. Resolving Conflicts between Treaties and EU Law in the Case-Law of the European Court of Justice: International Legal Aspects (article in Lithuanian)
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Aistė Račkauskaitė. The Right to Use First Names and Surnames in Minority Languages: International Practice and the Practice of the Republic of Lithuania (article in Lithuanian)
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