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Social Inquiry into Well-Being. 2016. No. 2(2)

Eric Mark Kramer. Immigrant Identity: Part I

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Eric Mark Kramer. Immigrant Identity: Part II

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Yael Israel-Cohen, Gabriela Kashy-Rosenbaum, Oren Kaplan. A Study of Subjective Well-Being, Resilience, and Risk of PTSD among Israeli Adolescents Exposed to Terrorism

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Gwyneth A Hamann, Itai Ivtzan. 30 Minutes in Nature a Day Can Increase Mood, Well-Being, Meaning in Life and Mindfulness: Effects of a Pilot Programme

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Inga Truskauskaitė-Kunevičienė. Direct and Mediated Long-Term Effects of the Positive Youth Development Intervention Program Try Volunteering on Empathy and Prosocial Behavior

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Audra Balundė, Kristina Paradnikė. Resources linked to Work Engagement: The Role of High Performance Work Practices, Employees’ Mindfulness, and Self-concept Clarity

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