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The aims of Mykolas Romeris University research papers’ publication Jurisprudence – to initiate scientific dialog between legal professionals and academics of Eastern and Central Europe in order to consider the main challenges their legal systems are facing in the transition period towards Western legal order. The emphasis is put on the reception of modern legal thought, Western legal tradition and the implementation of European Union law.

This quarterly periodical reviewed scholarly collection of publications Jurisprudence publishes articles of all fields of law (legal philosophy, legal history, constitutional, international, European Union, civil, administrative, commercial, labour, finance, tax, biolaw, and criminal law, civil, criminal, and administrative procedure law, criminology, criminal investigation, legal informatics, forensic medicine, and others) on theoretical and practical legal problems, reviews of scholarly monographs and other scholarly publications.

Jurisprudence publishes original and previously unpublished scholarly articles, written in Lithuanian, English, German or French. Upon a separate permission of the board of editors an article may be published also in a different language.

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