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Jurisprudence, 2008, No. 11(113)

Vytautas Piesliakas. Individualization of Punishment and Enforcement of the Principle of Just Punishment
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Andrius Nevera.Restrictions on the Exercise of Criminal Jurisdiction against Persons Enjoying Immunity under International Law
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Skirmantas Bikelis. Concept of Dolus Alternativus (Indeterminatus) and its Significance in Criminal Law
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Darius Pranka. Attempt to Commit a Crime under the Doctrine of Criminal Law and Court Practice
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Renata Marcinauskaitė. The Problematic Aspects of the Interrelation between Physical and Mental Violence in the Doctrine and Practice of Criminal Law
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Tomas Girdenis. Multi-count Convictions under USA Law
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Rasa Paužaitė. The Problem of Relation Between Confiscation of Property and Compensation of the Damage Caused by a Criminal Offence
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Agnė Baranskaitė. Problems Regulating the Procedure of Exempting a Person from Criminal Liability Due to his Reconciliation with the Victim
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Oleg Fedosiuk. Concept of Misappropriation and Embezzlement of Entrusted Property Right
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Aurelijus Gutauskas. Disclosure of Pretrial Criminal Investigation Material and its Evaluation under Criminal Law
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Eglė Riaubaitė. Distinguishing between Intention and Negligence in Criminal Offences against the Person‘s Life and Health
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Alenas Piesliakas, Vidmantas Dvilaitis. Electronic Payment Instrument as an Object of Articles 214 and 215 of the Penal Code
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Kristina Grinevičiūtė. The Notion of Child Maltreatment in Criminal Law
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Alfredas Kiškis. Crime in Lithuania: what is behind the Official Statistics?
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