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Jurisprudence, 2005, No. 77(69)

Armen Arutiunian. Place of the President in the Political-Legal System of Institutes of Post-Soviet Republics
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Kristina Bernotaitė. Peculiarities Legal Norms Regulating Insolvency
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Jolanta Kanapeckaitė. Possibility to perform Procceeding with Persons, having Mental Faults and Evidentiary Value of the Received data
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Rimvydė Lukšytė. Determination of Tangible Truth as One of the Procedure Renovation Functions
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Vilija Mikuckienė. Implementation of Creditors Rights in the Bankruptcy Procedure
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Rolandas Misius. Legal Regulation Problems of Official Suggestion
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Andrejus Novikovas. The Nature and the Social Mission of Local Government in the Society
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Viktorija Staugaitytė. Legal Power of the Constitutional Court Rulings in Regard to Time
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Jūratė Usonienė. Subject of Copyright Agreement. Peculiarities of Contractual Transfer of Author’s Rights
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Eglė Venckienė. Diversity of the Concepts of a Person‘s Dignity and the Right to Dignity and Its Critical Analysis
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Saulė Vidrinskaitė. Constitution of the European Union in the lithuanian Constitutional Reality
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Vigintas Višinskis. Some Issues Concerning the Realization of Property during an Enforcement Procedure
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