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Jurisprudence, 2005, No. 68(60)

Csaba Varga. Goals and Means in Law, or Janus-Faced Abstract Rights
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Alfonsas Vaišvila. Terrorism and Fight against Terrorism – Two Threats to Human Rights (Methodological Aspect)
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Rūta Petkuvienė. Terrorism as a Conseguence of the Denial of Universal Human Rights
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Vytautas Šlapkauskas. The Relationship between Social Security and Human Rights as a Basis for the Legitimacy of the Antiterrorist Ideology
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Alexandr Levčenkov. Terrorism: the Truth and the Lie
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Alexandr Litvinov. Criticism by Pavel Novgorodtsev of Utopia of out Politician (against Marxism and Anarchism)
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Darijus Beinoravičius. Terrorism: Reasons and Tendencies of Development
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Nendrė Černiauskienė. Terrorism Threat in the Context of Global Crisis
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Dainius Žilinskas. Terrorist Threat as an Integrating Factor for Law Enforcement Institutions
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Ernestas Spruogis. International Terrorism and Use of Legitimate Measures against it
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Arūnas Paukštė. The Definition of Terrorism
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