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Jurisprudence, 2002, No. 48(40)

Alfonsas Laurinavičius. Practical Ethics Facilities and Statutory Officers’ Qualification
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Saulius Baliutavičius, Kristina Chromanskienė. Police Change Management: Psychological Factors
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Algirdas Orenius. Some Cases of Restriction on Human Rights in Organizations of The Statute Government
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Rūta Jovaišienė. Problems of Defining the Qualification Requirements for the Capacities of the Lithuanian Customs Officials
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Juozas Radžiukynas. Management of Organisational Changes in the Lithuanian Customs
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Igoris Romaškevičius. The Contest of the Purposes of the Customs Law
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Rainer Schulte. The Future of Police Training
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Raimundas Kalesnykas. Police Education and Training in Europe
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Alvydas Šakočius. Preconditions of the Development of Police Science in European Unijon
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Vladas Rimkus. Economic Price and Volume Indexes in the Foreign Trade Analysis
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Aušra Raišytė–Daukantienė. The Problem of the Announcement of the International Treaties of the Republic of Lithuania, concluded in 1918–1940
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Justė Tušaitė. Features of the New Tax System
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