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Jurisprudence, 2000, Nr. 16(8)

Speech of Vytautas Landsbergis, Chairman of Seimas, said in 25 February, 2000 in scientific conference "Problems of status of crimes' victims in Lithuania" in Law Academy of Lithuania
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V. Valančius. The Principle of Independence of Judiciary and Constitutional Justice
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G. Danišauskas. The Concept of Legal Service
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K. Stungys. The Concept of evidencies in the project of PC
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R. Macijauskienė. The Aspects of Disciplinary Responsibility of Officials of Prosecuting Magistracy and Police
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I. Mačernytė-Panomariovienė. Problems connected with Assurance of Payment
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B. Undzėnas. The Issue of Applicable Law in International Employment Relations
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H. Malevski. Development of Criminalistics in Poland
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A. Kiškis. The Common Tendencies of Bringing of Actions in Lithuania
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E. Palskys. Police Press in Lithuania in 1920-1940
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R. Blom, H. Melin. The Concepts of Classes and Nordic and Baltic societies in 1990
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A. Čaplinskas, J. Misiūnas, V. Poškevičius. Problems of the Ontology of Criminal Law
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L. Paliulionienė. Computer Modeling of Legal Reasoning
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S. Sinkevičiūtė. Consistency Problem in Legislation Drafting and Analysis Systems
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B. Ciupek. Stochastic dominance as the instrument of the assistance the optimal combination the rations of the insurance premiums
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D. Fuchs. Insurance Contract in Common Law
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V. Toločko. Juridical Nature of Clearing
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A. Butavičius, A. Janušauskas. Way of Life of Students of Kaunas Police Faculty of Lithuanian Law Academy
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