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Jurisprudence, 2006, No. 1(79)

Goda Ambrasaitė. Preconditions of Appeal
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Rima Ažubalytė. The Relation of the Discretional Prosecution and the Release from the Criminal Liability
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Genovaitė Babachinaitė. The Development of Sense of Safety and Fear of Crime in Lithuania
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Raimundas Jurka. Prohibition to compell the Persons to give Evidence against Themselves as the Constitutional Guarantee in the Criminal Procedure
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Mike King. From Reactive Policing to Crowd Management? Policing Anti-Globalization Protest in Canada
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Eglė Latauskienė, Snieguolė Matulienė. Controlled Delivery – de Lege Lata, the Compulsory Measure of Criminal Trial – Fe Lege Ferénda
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Hendryk Malevski. Development of the Institution of the Crime Scene Investigation: Backgrounds of the Emergence, Implementation Issues and Improvement Perspectives
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Ēriks Melnis, Arturs Garonskis, Aleksandrs Matvejevs. Development of the Policing in Latvia
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Andrius Nevera. The Problems of the Implementation of the Criminal Jurisdiction for Citizens of the Republic of Lithuania, who according to National Law enjoy Immunity
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Rimvydas Norkus. Die Besonderheiten der Verhandlung der Streitigkeiten mit Geringem Streitwert: Theorie und Praxis
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Simona Selelionytė. Unlawfulness as a Prerequisite of Tort Liability of the State
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Loreta Šaltinytė. Is there an Obligation Erga Omnes to investigate and prosecute for Grave Human Rights Violations in International Customary Law?
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Vigintas Višinskis. Place of Execution of Judgements
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