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Jurisprudence, 2006, No. 2(80)

Nadezhda Cirkun. Psychological Features of Violence and Victimization in the Field of Family-Domestic Relations
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Mindaugas Dovidauskas, Rimvydas Norkus. Problems of Crossing and Delimitation of Civil Law and Tax Law
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Neringa Grigutytė, Jurgita Valiukevičiūtė. Sexual Abused Children Psychological Safety Assurance in Criminal Trial
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Egidijus Jarašiūnas. Constitutional Court of the Republic of Lithuania and Impeachment of Higher Officers of the State: some the most Important Problems
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Gintaras Kalinauskas. Features of Parliamentary Control Pattern Consolidation (Fixing) in the US: Doctrinal and Practical Approaches (Viewpoints)
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Saulė Milčiuvienė, Birutė Pranevičienė. The Problems of the Prices’ Legal Regulation in the Lithuanian Electricity Market
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Algis Norkūnas. Changes in the Protection of the Consumer Right to Compensation of Damage Caused by Defective Products Introduced by Lithuanian Membership in the European Union
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João Sérgio Ribeiro. Distributive Justice through Taxation: European Perspective
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Edvardas Sinkevičius. „Privileged“ Grounds for Relief of a Road Carrier’s Civil Liability
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Viktorija Staugaitytė. Postponement of the Removal of Non-Constitutional Legal Acts from the Legal System in the Practice of Constitutional Courts of Lithuania and Foreign Countries
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Vytautas Šulija. Modernisation of Property Taxation in Lithuania
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Stasys Vėlyvis, Gitana Abromavičienė. Some General Conditions of the Right to apply to Court
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Irida Žibūdienė. The Protection of Designs according Copyright and sui generis Designs Right
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Justinas Žilinskas. War Crimes in the Criminal Code of Lithuania: Conformity with International Treaties
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