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Jurisprudence, 2006, No. 3(81)

Laurynas Biekša. The Scope and Role of Membership of a Particular Social Group as the Reason for Persecution in the Refugee Definition
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Ramūnas Birštonas. The Concept of a Database in the European Union and Lithuanian Law
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Gražyna Kędzierska. Terminological Tendencies in Scenes of Crime Technique
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Julija Kiršienė, Kristupas Kerutis. Selling Business by the Way of Transfer of Shares or Enterprise: Comparative Analysis of Law and Practice
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Alfredas Kiškis. Crime in Lithuania: what changes after the Law Reform?
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Skirmantė Klumbytė. Marine Protected Areas in the Baltic Sea under International, European Union and Lithuanian Law
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Alfonsas Laurinavičius. Problems of Implementation the European Convention on Human Rights in the Statutory Public Administration Institutions
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Linas Meškys. Implementation of European Union Environment Protection Principle „Polluter Pays“ in the Republic of Lithuania Law System
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Raimundas Moisejevas. Critical Evaluation of the Reform of EC Competition Law System made by the Regulation 1/2003
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Justinas Pečkaitis, Viktoras Juctickis. Anti-Drug Preventive Activities in a Situation of a Hiv Outburst within a Prison Institution (Experience and Conclusions from the Hiv Outburst in Alytus Top Security
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Petras Selilionis. The Identity Search of Legal Categories which Reflect the Purpose of Lithuania's Ecological Law in Theory and Practice
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Virgilijus Valančius, Rimvydas Norkus. National Legal Discourse for Administrative Process
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Vigintas Višinskis. Search of the Property of a Debtor in an Execution Procedure
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Juozas Žilys. The Issue of Genesis of the Institution of the President of the Republic of Lithuania in the Constitutional Process of 1990-1992
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