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Jurisprudence, 2006, No. 7(85)

Vytautas Piesliakas. Causation in Criminal Law and Problems of it’s Proof in Courts Practice
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Egidijus Vidmantas Kurapka, Hendryk Malevski, Justinas Sigitas Pečkaitis, Eduardas Vaitkevičius. Law of the Republic of Lithuania on the Control of Arms and Ammunition in the Context of Criminal Law and Criminalistics
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Andrius Nevera. Problems of Differentiation of Criminal Acts‘ Ideal and Real Coincidence and Imposition of Sentences
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Agnė Baranskaitė, Jonas Prapiestis. Exemption from Criminal Liability in the Context of the Constitution and Constitutional Jurisprudence
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Aurelijus Gutauskas. The Problem of the Excess an Executor in Theory of Criminal Law and Practice
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Pavelas Kujalis. The Importance of Notion of the Third Party in the Institute of Necessity
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Skirmantas Bikelis. Perception of Crime Unlawfulness and it's Significance in Criminal Law
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Iveta Vitkutė-Zvezdinienė. Anfang und Entwicklung des Instituts von der Geringer Handlung in Strafrecht Litauens
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Oleg Fedosiuk. Delimitation between Criminal and Civil Liability for Evasion of Property Obligation
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Ingrid Mitgutsch. A Brief Survey of the Austrian Diversification Concept
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Edita Gruodytė. Conception of Public Official in State Service and Public Interests Crimes Section
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Laurynas Pakštaitis. Problems of Criminalization, Construction and Refinement of Abuse of Office in the Criminal Code of Lithuania
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Tomas Girdenis. Major Harm to the State, International Public Organization, Natural or Legal Person as an Attribute of Abuse of Office
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