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Jurisprudence, 2006, No. 8(86)

Alfonsas Vaišvila. Legal Interpretation as Identification of Law in the Texts of Statutes
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Regina Koženiauskienė. Genesis of Rhetoric from the Dualism of Justum et Aequum: Links between Law and Rhetoric
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Saulius Arlauskas. Social and Procedural Justice in the Legal Discourse
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Vytautas Šlapkauskas. Relationship between the Social Nature and Purpose of Law in Civic Society
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Vytis Valatka. The Interpretation of International Law in Second Scholasticism
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Vida Rudaitienė. Use of Loan Words in Legal Discourse
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Rasuolė Vladarskienė. Influence of Legal Acts Form on it’s Language
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Ernestas Spruogis. Problematic Aspects of Law Interpretation
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Giedrė Lastauskienė. The Thoughtful Disquisition of Legal Text – Panacea or Risk?
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Rūta Brūzgienė. Juridical Rhetoric: Modern Aspects of Comparativistics
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Kristina Miliauskaitė. Metalegal Discourse: Nature and Origin of the European Union Law as an Argument Pros and Cons Integration
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Linas Baublys. Aristotle’s Distinction of Justice in Modern Legal Discourse
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