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Jurisprudence, 2006, No. 11(89)

Petras Ancelis. Influence of Legal Regulation of Substantiation in the Pre-Trial Stage Securing the Rights of Trial Participants
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Renata Ryngevič. Tendencies and Perspectives of the Development of Criminalistic Lingvistics
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Ryšardas Burda, Janina Juškevičiūtė. Optimization of Use of Forms of Special Knowledge in Criminal Procedure of Lithuania
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Ilona Čėsnienė, Rytis Čėsna. Stalking: Legal and Psychological Issues
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Mykola Sidak, Jurij Bysaga. Legal Foundations of Registration and Licensing of Credit Institutions in Ukraine: in the Context of Ukraine Entering the European Union
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Alfred Sokolov, J. Gubin. Federalism: Problems, Contradictions and Prospects of Vicissitudes
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Ramūnas Birštonas. Requirements for the sui generis Legal Protection of Databases
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Andrius Verikas. The System of Compensation of Damage Done to the Health of the Employee
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Regina Gelumbauskienė. The institute of Inheritance in the Sources of Baltic Customary Law (12–14 cen.)
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Jurgita Spaičienė. Natural and Malignant Bankruptcy and the Legal Outcome of it under Legal Acts in 1918-1940 in Lithuania
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