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Jurisprudence, 2007, No. 1(91)

Joachim Arntz. Rechtsschutz gegenüber der öffentlichen Verwaltung: Rechtslage und Praxis in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland
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Klaus-Dieter Haase. Vorläufiger Rechtsschutz im deutschen Verwaltungsrecht: Funktion und Struktur
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Stasys Vėlyvis, Vigintas Višinskis, Inga Žalėnienė. The Complaint of the Procedural Actions of Bailiff
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Ingrida Mačernytė-Panomariovienė. The Influence of International Labour Standards on Ships over the Labour Relations of Lithuanian Seafarers
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Edita Gruodytė. Conception of Injured Person in Section on Crimes against Activity of Public Official or Person Fulfilling Public Administrative Functions
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Oksana Vladimirovna Isaenkova, Аleksej Аndrejevič Demičev. The Codification of Law Enforcement in Russia: the Present Situation and Prospects of Development
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Gytis Kuncevičius. The Fraudulent Management of Finance Accounting as the Mean of Tax Evasion: Administrative and Criminal Responsibility
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Justinas Usonis. Problems of Legal Regulation of Health and Safety at Work in Road Transport Sector
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Audronė Dziegoraitienė. The Culture and the European Union Law: in Search of Orrelation
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Egidija Stauskienė. Rechtsnatur der Zwangsvollstreckungs
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Irma Randakevičienė. Reopening a Criminal Case: Conception and the Leader Types
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Vytautas Kurpuvesas, Marius Sargevičius. Implementation of the Legal System Rules in the Field of Public Security
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