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Jurisprudence, 2007, No. 3(93)

Stasys Vėlyvis, Vigintas Višinskis, Inga Žalėnienė. Participation of the Curator in Civil Procedure (Some Theoretical and Practical Aspects)
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Saulė Vidrinskaitė. Institution of the Ombudsman of the European Parliament
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Justinas Usonis. Legal Aspects of Nature of Work of Mobile Road Transport Workers
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Inga Kudinavičiūtė-Michailovienė. Legal Regulation of Divorce: Provisions, Integration Processes and Principles
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Gytis Andrulionis. The Status of Life until Birth in the Law – Problematic Aspects of Terminology
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Viktoras Kamenkovas. The Legal Position of Foreign Persons in the Economic Courts of the Republic of Belarus
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Gitana Abromavičienė. Aktuelle Zuständigkeitsfrage der Zivilsachen an zuständiges Gericht
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Gintaras Gaidys. Human Right to a Healthy Environment: Origins and Development of this Right in European Union
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Irma Randakevičienė. Reopening of Proceedings as Legal Means to Achieve Restitutio in Integrum
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Indrė Snarskytė. Legal Regulation of Employment of People with Disabilities
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Eglė Šapalaitė. The Problems of Witness Examination: Regulation in Criminal Procedure Code and Application in Practice
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Mantas Varaška. Some Aspects of the Rule of Law in the Ancient Greek Mythology
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