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Jurisprudence, 2007, No. 5(95)

Mindaugas Maksimaitis. At the Beginning of Lithuanian Legal Language
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Saulius Arlauskas. The Aporia of the Goals of Criminal Penalty and the Criminal Policy in Lithuania
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Egidijus Krivka. The Interest in the Law of Civil Procedure
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Pavelas Ravluševičius. Issues of Non-Material Damage in the European and Lithuanian Labour Law
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Aleksandra Teresė Veličkienė. Clientela: The Evolution of the Word and Phenomenon
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Eduardas Vaitkevičius. The Conception of Arms Danger in the Law and Criminalistics
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Rytis Jokubauskas. The Problem of Obligation of Judicial Precedent in the Lithuanian Legal System
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Vilija Mikuckienė. Opportunities of Amicable Settlement in Insolvency Proceedings
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Ingrida Montvydienė. The Criteria of a Person‘s Asset, which Grants Legal Aid Guaranteed by the State on Cases of Law of Civil Procedure
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Arvydas Pocius. Concept of the Criminal Personality in the Context of Criminological Concepts of Russian Authors
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Žilvinas Terebeiza. Independent Evaluation of Evidences in a Civil Proceeding: Theoretical and Practical Aspects
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Kazimieras Zaveckas. The Subject-Matter of Uberrimae Fidei Doctrine Applicable to Insurance Contracts
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