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Jurisprudence, 2007, No. 8(98)

Vytautas Piesliakas. Criminal Liability as Consequence of Committed Offence
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Laurynas Pakštaitis. Problems of Regulation and Implementation of Criminal Responsibility of Juveniles
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Rasa Paužaitė. Problems Related with the Legal Nature of Property Confiscation
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Tomas Girdenis. Notion of Continuous Criminal Conduct and its Elements
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Iveta Vitkutė-Zvezdinienė. Problemen der geringfügigen Tat und der Abgrenzung vom Strafvergehen
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Skirmantas Bikelis. Uncertain Knowlege of Material Element of an Offense and its Treatment in Criminal Law
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Andrius Nevera. The Problems of Criminal Responsibility for Intellectual Property Wrongs from the National and International Aspects
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Oleg Fedosiuk.The Problems of Explanation and Application of the new Edition (June 23, 2005) of the Norm on Crime of Trafficking in Human Beings
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Aurelijus Gutauskas. Legislation of Money or Property Acquired In a Criminal Way and its Legal Criminal Evaluation
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Alenas Piesliakas. Qualification Problems of the Crimes of Illegal Disposal of a Non-Cash Payment Instrument
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Kristina Grinevičiūtė. Child and Family as Values Protected by Law
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Edita Gruodytė. Delimitation Between Criminal and Administrative Liability in Public Order Sector
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