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Jurisprudence, 2008, No. 3(105)

Juozas Žilys. Prof. dr. Stasys Vėlyvis in jurisprudence and legal empirics
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Vytautas Sinkevičius. Double citizenship: an analysis of the proposal to supplement article 32 of the Constitution
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Saulius Katuoka, Marijus Krasnickas. Derogations from obligations according to the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms in time of public emergency
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Lyra Jakulevičienė, Laurynas Biekša. Transposition of EU asylum directives in Lithuanian legislation and implementation concerns in Lithuania: qualification directive
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Ignas Vėgėlė. Free movement of lawyers within the European Community
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Andrejus Novikovas. The elaboration of constitutional attitude, motivating the municipalities to protect the public order independently
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Virginija Kondratienė. The mechanism of legal adjustment of the systems of local self-governance
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Linas Meškys. Legal liability of legal entity in the sphere of environment protection: problem of effectiveness in the context of sustainable development
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Aušra Kargaudienė. State liability: the problem of subject determination and its responsibility for damages compensation
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Ieva Deviatnikovaitė. The application of the means of the administrative impact as one of the public administration subjects functions
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Violeta Kosmačaitė, Gytis Kuncevičius. Public purchase applying ordinary commercial practice theoretical aspect
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Mantas Arasimavičius. Legal issues arising from elimination of negative impact of gambling
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Tomas Žilinskas. Development of statutory regulation for insurance supervision after reestablishment of independence of the Republic of Lithuania (1990–2007)
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