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Jurisprudence, 2010, No. 2(120)

Mindaugas Maksimaitis. Lithuanian Notary Practice in 1918–1940: Legal Regulation (text only in Lithuanian)
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Egidijus Jarašiūnas. About the First Constitutions and their Significance (text only in Lithuanian)
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Gediminas Mesonis. Constitutional Conventions in the Process of Interpretation of Constitution (text only in Lithuanian)
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Sophie Molinier. The Consular Court of Besançon (text only in Frech)
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Vytautas Sinkevičius. Dismissal of a Judge from Office: Theoretical and Practical Aspects of the Constitutional Doctrine (text only in Lithuanian)
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Algimantas Šindeikis. Freedom of Expression v. Honour and Dignity: Is the Practice by Lithuania’s Courts Constitutional? (text only in Lithuanian)
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Lijana Štarienė. Cudak v. Lithuania and the European Court of Human Rights Approach to the State Immunity Doctrine
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Loreta Šaltinytė. European Union Accession to the European Convention on Human Rights: Stronger Protection of Fundamental Rights in Europe?
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Dalia Vitkauskaitė-Meurice, Justinas Žilinskas. The Concept of Enforced Disappearances in International Law
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Lyra Jakulevičienė. Is there a Need for Extension of Subsidiary Protection in the European Union Qualification Directive?
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Henna Kosonen, Matti Tolvanen. Balancing between Effective Realisation of Criminal Liability and Effective Defence Rights: the Tasks and the Roles of Prosecutor and Defence Lawyer in Finnish Criminal Procedure
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Artūras Panomariovas, Egidijus Losis. Proportionality: from the Concept to the Procedure
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Egidija Stauskienė, Inga Žalėnienė. The Distinctive Features of Representation in Enforcement Proceedings
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Raimundas Moisejevas. Recoupment of Losses by the Dominant Undertaking, which Allegedly Have Used Predatory Pricing and Legality of Actions
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Daivis Švirinas, Ana Novosad. Tying of Products as a Form of an Abuse of a Dominant Position (text only in LIthuanian)
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Barbara Biscotti. Safeguarding of Credit and Bankruptcy: History and Regulating Tendencies. The Italian Experience
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Tomas Talutis, Vytautas Šenavičius. Mandatory Takeover Bids Regulation in Lithuania: Problematic Practical Aspects (text only in Lithuanian)
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Virginijus Bitė. Classification of Sale or Acquisition of Company Shares as a Business Transfer: Diagnostic Criteria and the Liability of the Seller (text only in Lithuanian)
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Algimantas Urmonas, Virginijus Kanapinskas. Key Elements of the Legal Status of the Natural Gas Market Regulatory Institutions in Lithuania and in the European Union Member States: a Comparative Analysis
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Darijus Beinoravičius. The Conceptions of Law in Lithuania in the XVI-XVIII Centuries (text only in French)
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