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Jurisprudence, 2010, No. 1(119)

Toma Birmontiene. Intersection of the Jurisprudences. The European Convention on Human Rights and the Constitutional Doctrine Formulated by the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Lithuania
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Edita Ziobiene. Reform of the Ombudsman Institutions in Lithuania
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Vytautas Sinkevicius. Delimitation of the Powers of the Seimas and the Government: Some Aspects of the Constitutional Doctrine
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Vaidotas A. Vaicaitis. European Constitutionalism v. Reformed Constitution for Europe
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Krystian Complak. Will Poland Be the Most Confessional State of the European Union?
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Paresh Kathrani. Social Contract Theory and the International Normative Order: A New Global Ethic?
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Diane Penneys Edelman. Making a Case for Legal Writing Instruction... Worldwide
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Jaunius Gumbis, Vytaute Bacianskaite, Jurgita Randakeviciute. Human Rights Today
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Egle Venckiene. The Importance of Historical Discourse for the Legal Protection of Human Dignity at Present
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Dalia Vitkauskaitė-Meurice. The Arab Charter on Human Rights: the Naissance of New Regional Human Rights System or a Challenge to the Universality of Human Rights?
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Gediminas Sagatys. The Concept of Family in Lithuanian Law
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Eduardas Monkevicius. Environmental Legal Problems in the Context of Globalization
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Tomas Bagdanskis, Justinas Usonis. Termination of an Employment Contract upon Unilateral Notice of an Employee in Lithuania
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Inga Zaleniene, Agne Tvaronaviciene. The Main Features and Development Trends of Mediation in Lithuania: the Opportunities for Lawyers
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Natalija Kaminskiene. Application of Interim Measures in International Arbitration: the Lithuanian Approach
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Loreta Saltinyte. Jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice over Issues Relating to the Common Foreign and Security Policy under the Lisbon Treaty
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Rima Azubalyte. Tendencies of the Development of the Lithuanian Criminal Procedure Law
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Raimundas Jurka. New Insights into the Procedure within a Reasonable Time as a Legal Principle
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Lina Novikoviene, Egle Bileviciute. Application of IT Examination in Investigation of Crimes on Safety of Electronic Data and Information Systems
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Jolanta Zajanckauskiene. Criminal Procedure Involving the Disabled Persons (text only in German)
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