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Jurisprudence, 2009, No. 4(118)

Mindaugas Maksimaitis. Political and Legal Implications that Have Influenced a Premature Withdrawal of the Lithuanian (text only in Lithuanian)
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Egidijus Jarasiunas. The Prehistory of Constitutionalism: the Sources or the Archetype? (text only in Lithuanian)
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Gediminas Mesonis. The Interpretative Nature of Constitution (text only in Lithuanian)
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Vytautas Sinkevicius. The Constitutional Doctrine of the Returning of the Powers of the Government upon the Election of the President of the Republic: Some Aspects of Argumentation (text only in Lithuanian)
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Aivars Endzins. Use of the Europe’s Constitutional Heritage in the Jurisdiction of the Constitutional Court when Interpreting Constitution of the Republic of Latvia
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Paresh Kathrani. A Decade of Change: A Case for Global Morality, Dialogue and Transnational Trust-Building
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Solveiga Cirtautiene, Dalia Vasariene. Social Purpose of Private Property
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Simona Selelionyte-Drukteiniene. Pure Economic Loss as a Special Kind of Loss in Lithuanian Tort Law (text only in Lithuanian)
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Jurate Usoniene. The Use of Works for Parody and Caricature. Legal Criterions (text only in Lithuanian)
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Ausrine Pasvenskiene, Julija Kirsiene. Legal Regime of Separate Property in a Marital Agreement: Is an Agreement by which it is Obvious that the Financial State of One of the Spouses is Superior Enforceable? (text only in Lithuanian)
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Egidijus Baranauskas, Paulius Zapolskis. The Effect of Change in Circumstances on the Performance of Contract
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Gediminas Sagatys. Case Law as the State Family Policy Formation Instrument
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Simona Mesoniene. The Problem of Efficient Resocialization: Legal Regulations and Social Demands
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Saulius Arlauskas. The Criterions of the Scientific Character of Jurisprudence in the Modern Legal Philosophy (text only in Lithuanian)
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Vytautas Slapkauskas. The Impact of Commercialized Democracy (text only in LIthuanian)
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Vytautas Sulija. Benefits and Costs of Anticipated Statutory Framework on Residental Property Taxation: from Tax Theory to Ineffective Administrative Practices
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Inga Blaziene, Valerija Gerikiene. Problems of Regulating Remuneration for the Work of Public Sector Employees in Lithuania (text only in Lithuanian)
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Laurynas Bieksa, Lyra Jakuleviciene. Temporary Protection Directive: Issues of Transposition into Lithuanian Legislation (text in Lithuanian)
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Justinas Zilinskas. Broadening the Concept of Genocide in Lithuania’s Criminal Law and the Principle Nullum Crimen Sine Lege
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Agne Sirinskiene. The Status of Precautionary Principle: Moving Towards the Rule of Customary Law
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