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Jurisprudence, 2009, No. 2(116)

Mindaugas Maksimaitis. Two-fold Position of the State Council Presidium in the 1918 Temporary Constitution of Lithuania (text only in Lithuanian)
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Toma Birmontienė, Virginija Jurėnienė. Development of Women’s Rights in Lithuania: Recognition of Women Political Rights
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Gediminas Mesonis. Some Aspects of the Interpretation of the Constitution: the Possibility and Limits of Valuable (Moral) Arguments (text only in Lithuanian)
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Dangutė Ambrasienė, Solveiga Cirtautienė. The Role of Judicial Precedent in the Court Practice of Lithuania
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Valentinas Mikelėnas. Interpretation Game or How to Make Law Without Parliament (text only in Lithuanian)
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Tomas Berkmanas. The Development of the Philosophies of Science and Law: Parallelisms, Reciproceties, Perspectives
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Paresh Kathrani. Globalisation of Law: the Effect of Globalisation on the Domestic Interpretation of Law
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Egidijus Kūris. Judicial Precedent as a Source of Law in Lithuania: the Official Constitutional Doctrine, Stereotypes of Legal Thinking and Counter-arguments (text only in Lithuanian)
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Daivis Švirinas. Leegin Case and its Impact on European Community Competition Policy in Regard to Vertical Minimum Price-fixing
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Dainius Raižys, Darius Urbonas. Peculiarities of Judicial Control of the Legality of Normative Administrative Acts
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Michal Radvan. The Influence of Constitutional Courts and Highest Administrative Courts Findings Upon the Interpretation of Tax Institutes
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Egidijus Baranauskas. Is it Easy to Remain Solely an Interpretator for a Court? (text only in Lithuanian)
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Ramūnas Birštonas. Owners of Databases Copyright and Sui Generis Right (text only in Lithuanian)
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Jiří Valdhans. The Pitfall of Interpreting Rome II Regulation in Compliance with Brussels I Regulation
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Dominique Sprumont, Gytis Andrulionis. Effectiveness of the Protection of Biomedical Research Subjects in International and National Laws
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Vytautas Pakalniškis, Solveiga Cirtautienė. Analysis of Lithuanian Court Practice on Partitioning of Common Partial Divided Property (text only in Lithuanian)
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Marius Jonaitis, Elena Kosaitė-Čypienė. Conception of Roman Marriage: Historical Experience in Context of National Family Policy Concept
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Stasys Vėlyvis. The review of Egidijus Krivka monograph “Protection of the Public Interest in the Civil Procedure” (text only in Lithuanian)
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